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PMI Appearance on The Good Morning Show

PMI Appearance on The Good Morning Show

Pest Management Systems’ Billy Tesh recently made an appearance on WFMY News 2’s The Good Morning Show to discuss why pests enter your home during the summer, and how you can prevent that from occurring.

During the summer, ants and other bugs like to enter homes for food and water. Starting in your kitchen, place ant traps under your sink and check for any holes near your pipes or crawlspace that may be possible pest entry points. Are you constantly finding ants in your dishwasher? Always remember to close your dishwasher, and insert bait systems around your dishwasher and the rest of your kitchen. The key to this extermination technique is to feed the ants and let them bring back the bait to their colony, that way you can eliminate the whole colony with just a few bait traps.

Do you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home? When you travel a lot during the summer, it is easy to bring bed bugs back into your home. Next time you come home from a trip, inspect the head and foot of your bed, as well as your suitcase, for bed bugs. If you do spot bed bugs in your suitcase, an easy solution is to stick your suitcase in a black trash bag, put it out on your driveway, and let the hot sun heat it up for four hours or more.

Thank you to The Good Morning Show for allowing us to be a part of your program!

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