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Termite Control

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Service Details:

  • Sentricon Colony Elimination System
  • Always Active
  • Proven track record
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Minimum $500 initial fee

Sentricon Video

The Sentricon System is one of the most widely used system for termite elimination. The original Sentricon System is the only termite product awarded the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for superior environmentally responsible chemistry.

Famous places protected by Sentricon: White House, Statue of Liberty,
Independence Hall (Philadelphia), Ellis Island (NY).

Full details, descriptions and limitations are covered in the agreement.

Mosquito Control

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Service Details:

  • Monthly Treatments (April – Oct)
  • Effective Mosquito reduction
  • Targets all life stages
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Our mosquito reduction program is designed to:

  1. Manage mosquitoes on your property before they become breeding, biting adults.
  2. Treat the landscaping and foundation around your property to reduce the population of adult mosquitoes.
  3. Reduce mosquitoes on your property that may carry diseases such as West Nile virus, Encephalitis, Dengue, Malaria, and Canine Heartworm.
  4. Reduce the opportunity for future population development (April – October).

* While treatment is intended to reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property, our program will not totally eliminate the mosquito population.
Full details, descriptions and limitations are covered in the agreement.
Payments are made monthly (year-round), service is provided April – Oct.

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  • Square footage will be verified upon initial visit.
  • Pricing is presented as an estimate only and not a quote. It is subject to change. Contract will state final pricing.
  • Residential Single Family Structures only. Detached structures may be an additional charge.
  • Early termination fees will apply
  • See contract for full details
  • Quote based on home with no active termites and less than 400 linear feet.
  • Certain construction types will not allow for the installation of Sentricon.
  • PMi reserves the right to recommend a different treatment option or additional work to qualifiy.