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Conventional Termite Treatments in the Greensboro and Winston-Salem Areas

conventional_treatments_1-300x199Pest Management Systems offers conventional termite treatments for homeowners in search of an effective way to control their termite infestation. Tried and tested, our standard termite extermination method is still among the most effective ways to protect your NC Piedmont home against current and future termite infestations.

Proven termite control chemistries, technicians

Our conventional termite treatment consists of us applying a liquid termiticide directly onto the soil. By using non-repellent chemistry, we create a barrier around your NC Piedmont structure that when crossed, allows termites to carry part of that chemistry into the colony where it spreads throughout — ultimately eradicating the colony and all those that reside within it.

Two important factors to keep in mind for the success of your termite treatment:

  1. Quality Technicians: You must hire trained and experienced pest control technicians, with knowledge on how to properly administer this treatment. At Pest Management Systems, our Greensboro and Winston-Salem pest control technicians are termite specialists with many years experience identifying and eradicating difficult termite infestations.
  2. Innovative Chemistries: Only allow effective and proven chemistries to be applied to your property. We currently use two of the best chemistries on the market: Termidor® (BASF) & Premise® (Bayer Environmental Science) to provide our pest control customers superior protection against termites.

termite_treatmentProtect your home with conventional termite treatments from PMi!

Interested in learning more about our conventional termite treatment? Contact us at 336-272-4400 to arrange a free, no obligation estimate. You can also request an inspection online by filling out our online form.

Pest Management Systems also offers the TERMI-A-BOND® Termite Assurance Program and the Sentricon® Termite Control System. Additional information about our Termi-A-Bond termite protection plan is available in our downloadable brochure.

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