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Get Quality Bed Bug Control with Pest Management Systems

BB_and_Eggs-300x200If bed bugs are giving you nightmares, wake up! Pest Management Systems can help make your dreams of a bed bug-free home or commercial business come true! We believe you shouldn’t have to share your home with pests like bed bugs, so let us take control and bring in our best bed bug treatments today.

The Best Treatments at the Best Prices

PMi_Bed_Bug_Task_Force_1581-300x200At Pest Management Systems, we have the latest bed bug control treatments and technologies that are effective, family friendly and easy on your budget. Give us a try to finally say goodbye to those pesky little bed bugs using a variety of pest control treatment options:

  • Heat treatments that use high temperatures to “sweat out” bed bugs and their eggs in every crack and crevice in a highly effective, yet environmentally-friendly manner
  • Bed bug dogs that use their strong senses to sniff out bed bugs wherever they’re hiding and pinpoint the source of the problem quickly
  • Environmentally friendly treatments for bed bug infestations that provide long-term results. Whether it’s a one-time treatment, or you want us to come back every few months to achieve the results you desire, we can tailor or services to you
  • Implementing preventative measures to stop bed bugs from invading your bed, rugs, walls, and more by using encasements and other techniques to protect furniture and mattresses from pests

Trained Staff Armed and Ready to Exterminate Bed Bugs

Under_Mattress-300x201Pest Management Systems has fully-trained bed bug specialists who know how to spot the signs of bed bugs, inspecting the most common areas they’re found and treating them in most any place. Don’t wait until bed bugs make their home in yours and you’ll have to face expensive replacement and treatment costs. Call Pest Management Systems–we’re ready to talk to you about your specific pest control, prevention, and treatment needs today!

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