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Find Lasting Relief With Pest Control in High Point, NC

At PMi, we specialize in wildlife removal and full-service pest control in High Point, NC.

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    Eliminate Your Pest Population in North Carolina

    Some pests can be pesky and peeving, and others can be an absolute threat to your safety. Either way, you need a team of professionals that can put an end to any pestilent pests on your property. That’s where we come in when you need pest control in High Point.

    PMi is a family-owned, full-service pest control company servicing the Piedmont Triad area for 39 years. As an independently-owned company, our skills in this industry are priceless. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide stellar pest control services that aim to eradicate or diminish infestations.

    Along with High Point, our service areas in North Carolina include Downtown Sanford, West Sanford, Carolina Trace, Tramway, Cumnock, Lemon Springs, Broadway, Olivia, Jonesboro Heights, and Goldstone.

    Put an end to your pest infestation worries now with our services for pest control in High Point. Start with a free estimate or learn more about how pest management services can help you.

    Effective Pest Control in High Point, NC

    How Pest Control in High Point, NC Can Benefit You

    Protecting Health

    Pests such as bed bugs, fleas, or yellowjackets can cause severe allergic reactions or spread harmful bacteria. Overall, the simple idea that a pest infestation is in full swing can be worrisome and negatively affect your sleep.

    Pest management can help eradicate or minimize the risk of harmful diseases and bacteria.

    Preventing Property Damage

    Pests can cause major damage to your home or business, chewing through wires, damaging insulation, and more. Homes and business properties suffering from pests can drop in value and may take thousands to restore.

    Calling a professional pest control technician can help prevent or minimize property damage, saving you money on repairs.

    Save Time

    Going with a professional, experienced pest control company means opting for faster, more effective pest control solutions. This means that homeowners and business owners can spend less time tackling infestations and more time working or relaxing.

    Greater Food Safety

    Pests such as rodents, cockroaches, or flies can transmit a variety of diseases that can contaminate food products. For businesses like restaurants, it can lead to a bad reputation and closure.

    Pest management can minimize or prevent the risk of foodborne illnesses, making sure that the food in your facility is safe for consumption.

    Minimal Pesticides

    Integrated Pest Management (IPM) helps to minimize or eliminate pests without pesticides. This reduces any chance of exposure to toxic chemicals for pets and humans.

    Get Rid of Bed Bugs in High Point, NC

    “Superior job by Allen the tech who came to ck for mice and found other issues not related. And no extra charge. Went the extra mile That you don’t see these days. Will definitely use this company again and ask for Allen. Who is very professional and easy to ask questions to.”


    Behind the Scenes of Pest Control in High Point

    Many factors may influence how effective pest control treatment is. These include things like pesticide resistance, environmental factors, pest biology and behavior, and structural design. Though pest management can reduce the likelihood of a pest re-infestation, there’s no guarantee that all risks will be eliminated.

    Still, the professionals at PMi are dedicated to protecting our customer’s homes and businesses from pests. With a customized plan and a combination of safe and effective strategies, our team can help to reduce your pest population significantly.

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    For close to 40 years, we have been a trustworthy choice for pest control in High Point, NC. Still searching for “pest control near me?” Start with a free estimate today.


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