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Trustworthy Full-Service Pest Control in Carthage, NC

PMi is steadfast in providing complete wildlife removal and comprehensive pest control in Carthage, NC.

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Safe and Effective Pest Control in Carthage, NC

PMi is a great choice for home and property owners looking for pest control in the Piedmont Triad area. Along with Carthage, NC, our service areas include Downtown Sanford, West Sanford, Carolina Trace, Tramway, Cumnock, Lemon Springs, Broadway, Olivia, Jonesboro Heights, and Goldstone.

Dealing with pests in your home or business can get annoying. Long-term, pest infestations can contribute to structural damage and expose you to many diseases. The best plan of action is to call in PMi. We’ve offered pest control services to the Piedmont Triad area for close to 40 years.

At PMi, our philosophy is to do right by the customer, and it’s not one we take lightly. All of our employees are trained professionals that are respectful, honest, and courteous. Searching for pest control in Carthage, NC? Fill out the form and get a free estimate today.

Best Pest Control in Carthage, NC

The Pest Management Process

The following steps are involved in all pest management decision-making. This helps to reduce and eliminate the use of pesticides while determining treatments that are the most effective and have the least negative impact for pest control in Carthage, NC.

Identify the Pest

This is a significant step in the pest management process. Some members of the general ecosystem don’t qualify as pests. By identifying and ensuring there is an actual pest, you can save a lot of time and effort upfront.

Monitor the Pest

Studying pest populations helps to determine if there is a large enough number of pests to cause concern is an essential step for pest control in Carthage. Pest populations can be affected by several factors and may come and go with no harm done. Still, monitoring makes certain that the proper treatment is chosen.

Set an Action Threshold

We’ll discuss the action threshold or the point at which further damage is intolerable and pest control is necessary. With different clients come different personal tolerances and a pest being on your property doesn’t always require a need for control.

Determine/Implement Treatment

Once we decide pest control is required, we’ll first carry out preventative measures. This includes things like sealing cracks and removing potential food or water sources.

If it’s no longer effective or available, we’ll then switch to using less risky, but effective pest control methods.

Evaluate the Results

Studying your home or property after treatment is complete helps to inform us if the pest population is eliminated. Further treatment isn’t needed unless the pest population rises to the action threshold again.

Carthage Pest Management Company

“Superior job by Allen the tech who came to ck for mice and found other issues not related. And no extra charge. Went the extra mile That you don’t see these days. Will definitely use this company again and ask for Allen. Who is very professional and easy to ask questions to.”


Pest Control is A Dynamic Process

Pest control in Carthage, NC is an ongoing and ever-changing process. Sometimes, the aftermath of treatment may reveal that a pest population hasn’t been fully exterminated.

While our services will help to reduce the likelihood of pest reinfestation, there is no guaranteed way to eliminate all risks. However, we are committed to helping you bring your pest population down to comfortable levels.

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