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Sentricon Termite Control for The Greensboro and Winston-Salem Areas

sentriconThe Sentricon® Termite Control System is another termite control method offered by Pest Management Systems. Created by Dow AgroSciences, this Greensboro and Winston-Salem termite colony elimination system and “new bait matrix” is the revolutionary merger of two technologies:

Locate & Identify™: Locate and Identify (LID) technology is an enhancement that allows PMi technicians to service sites without having to worry about missing Sentricon stations that may be covered up by grass or landscaping. Using a radio frequency identification (RFID) sensor, the LID technology helps PMi technicians locate Sentricon stations without giving false readings due to metal objects in the soil.

Fast & Effective Termite Bait

The highly durable Recruit HD termite bait contains a revolutionary bait matrix that extends durability in all soil conditions. It also contains 2.3 time more active ingredients than Recruit IV termite bait — enough to eliminate a typical termite colony.

Termites can begin feeding on Recruit HD termite bait as soon as they find your Greensboro or Winston-Salem Sentricon station. They then share the bait with other termites, beginning the colony elimination process and offering constant property protection from termites.

The Sentricon Story


Protect your NC Piedmont Home, Business from Termites Today!

Since its introduction, Always Active technology has provided operators the termite control they need to alleviate Piedmont homeowners of even their worst termite infestation. As an authorized operator of the Sentricon® Termite Control System, PMi has the extensive training and experience to maximize the use of this product for ultimate termite control.

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