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    • Billy Tesh


    • Laurie Tesh


    • Andrew Hicks

      Vice President of Operations

    • Erin Vanderfleet

      Executive Assistant

    • Don Summey

      Service Advisor

    • Tim Gulledge

      Service Advisor

    • Patrick Thompson

      Sandhills Branch Manager

    • Julie Tesh-Clark

      Customer Care/Community Outreach

    • Jason Choate

      Service Advisor

    • “I enjoy working for PMi because of the family atmosphere, everyone here I consider family and we all have each other’s back. At the end of each day, I go home knowing we helped our customers on what can be a very stressful, frustrating day for them. I am grateful to work in a place which makes us grow to greater heights.”

      Kelly C.

    • “The reason I love not just my position in “bed bugs,” but the “pest field,” in general, period. Just as police, firefighters, and medical personnel are so important, I feel we are so important as well. We get out every day no matter the situation to give our clients a peace of mind, we help them solve their problems. If we do not do it who will… I have worked for a different pest control company in past and I must say hands down this have been the best company to work for. Everyone seems to be on page and a family no matter how new you are. They took time to properly train me, if I had questions it was answered and always been respectful… 🥳 woo PMI is the way to go 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽!”

      Rick H.

    • “I am proud to work for a company that focuses so much energy on taking care of customers and employees. PMi is family oriented and focuses on everyone’s values and strengths. We truly accomplish more working together which positively impacts the daily lives of not only our customers, but our employees as well. I’m grateful to have started a career at PMi three years ago.”

      Shelley Q.

    • “It’s hard not to sound cliché’ but PMi is my extended family. From the first day I stepped into the office I felt welcomed and more importantly I felt like people were being themselves which made me feel more comfortable in stepping into a big role. I have had things come up that have required special circumstances and Billy and Laurie have truly been a blessing to me and my family. The people I work with everyday are hardworking people which makes joking around a breeze because it never gets in the way of getting the job done. It also helps that a lot of the people I work with have kids the same age as I do; the kids love it when we get to do fun things (Pre-Pandemic) like our Myrtle Beach Trip, Swarm Games, Grasshopper Games and Winter Wonderlights and they get to see everyone. I think good companies have good leaders; good leaders attract good people. I cannot wait to see how we can continue to grow this company and continue to help people in our community.”

      AJ R.

    • “Having worked both in the field and now in the office I can honestly say that I love my job here! It is more like being with family all day than coworkers. Everyone takes pride in what they do, and we take care of our customers as a team. It makes a difference when you like going to work every day.”

      Tracy M.

    • “PMi is a great company to be a part of. It is family owned and they make you feel like you are part of the family. They will let you know how much they appreciate you and how hard you work. I could not have asked for a better company to work for. I am so glad that I am a part of the PMi family!”

      Joni M.

    • “I have been at PMi for over 18 years, and its just a great company to work for. I have never seen a company, or the owners of a company do for their employees the way that they have done for us. It is one big happy family! I love working here and I love talking to our customers!”

      Kathy L.

    • “A great place to work! With a flexible schedule most of the time. A great owner that would do anything for you if u need Help! I have been with PMI for over 30 years and I love working with the customers trying to fix their issues with insects and rodents and I love working on my own!”

      Thomas O.

    • “I love working for PMi because it’s all about family. Everyone genuinely cares about each other and we truly care about our customers. My job gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives and make a difference every day. Every day is different challenge, yet exciting!! It is ok for me not to know everything and If I don’t, all I have to do is ask!! I love my job and all of my co-workers 😊!”

      Sabrina M.


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      Jason Choate

      Service Advisor

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      Julie Tesh-Clark

      Customer Care/Community Outreach

      Julie was born and raised in Greensboro, she moved to Washington DC and then to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she lives with her husband and her family.

      Julie’s husband, Jeremy Clark of Baton Rouge runs his family pest control business, Dugas Pest Control Julie says, “bugs brought us together!” They have two wonderful kids and three amazing Labrador retrievers.

      Julie loves being able to connect with PMi’s customers and help them solve their issues and concerns. She says, “We have established such a strong community presence, and being committed to giving back to our community is vital. This is an amazing part of my job; I am so grateful for the opportunity to work alongside so many great people trying to make a difference and being able to coordinate all of our community outreach. It is amazing to see how much people care and that is why we have started PMi Cares and it will be my honor to run that division for this great company. I also would be re-missed to not include how much I LOVE our team- what I enjoy is being able to travel to our corporate office and be able to learn from our team and make sure we all feel appreciated and valued in our positions. I appreciate each and every one of them and I enjoy the relationships with them.

      So, for Julie, this is truly a family business. She feels blessed to learn from her Dad, Billy Tesh, and from her Mom, Laurie. She says, “Dad is truly the energizer bunny and it’s so refreshing to see how much he loves what he does, and both my parents do it with such conviction and passion. I love being able to work with them and travel with them.” Anyone that knows Julie also knows that she loves her sweet pups, she enjoys reading books (yes, still hard cover, actual books in hand!) and she loves to walk and exercise daily!

      Julie has worked with so many amazing organizations through PMi and her time as Miss North Carolina International. Habitat for Humanity is very important to PMi, Tropical Jersey Night for Raising Roofs has been a favorite. She does always look forward to Corks for Kids Path, and is very passionate about the Greensboro Science Center! Julie has worked The Oyster Roast, Reelin for Research, Dancing with the Carolina Stars for Operation Smile, and the Kentucky Derby Party for Make A Wish. She has had a hand in working all these amazing events to benefit these organizations- it has been life-changing for Julie to participate in all of them to help raise money or volunteer for such worthy causes.

      Volunteering and helping others are Julie’s passions, she has volunteered over 1000 hours and helped raise millions of dollars for over a dozen organizations. It means so much to her to be able to use her voice to make a difference. She served her state as Miss North Carolina International in 2009 and her platform was live to give and teach others the power they have to make a difference. She says, “I love that I can continue helping others through our company. It’s an incredible feeling!” Other than working for the family business, Julie has worked in the White House, on Capitol Hill, she has owned a dress boutique, is fascinated with the weather channel and can drive a bobcat for PMi’s sister company, Groundworks, if they need an extra set of hands! But she is TERRIFIED of spiders (SHHH don’t tell!)!!

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      Patrick Thompson

      Sandhills Branch Manager

      Before settling in and running our Sandhills office, Patrick grew up in Louisiana and also enjoyed living in  Tuscaloosa, AL; Washington, DC; and Charleston, South Carolina. Patrick met his wife Kelly while attending the University of Alabama. They have a yellow lab named Bacchus (Baci for short) who is our Sandhills office mascot.

      Quote from Patrick: We have a wide range of people that work at PMi, and I love the day to day interaction with my co-workers. Each of them are wonderful and interesting people.  Also, I truly enjoy being able to take care of our customer base. Each person who contacts us has an issue that makes them uncomfortable in thier own homes, and we take care of these issues. That direct link makes my job enjoyable.

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      Tim Gulledge

      Service Advisor

      Tim is a North Carolina native and a retired 20-year Marine where he spent 12 of those years as a recruiter and played Football for 7 years. He has a wife named Julie with whom he has four children named Justin, Samantha, Emily, and Rachel. Tim loves riding his Harley Davidson along with hunting and fishing. Tim is active in the Marine Corps League and American Legion and participates in Toys for Tots every year.

      Quote from Tim: I love meeting new people and helping them. The Team Work of this Company is my favorite aspect.

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      Don Summey

      Service Advisor

      Don is a North Carolina Native. He has been married to his wife Carol for 30 years, has 2 children named Trent and Kristen and a poodle named Charlie. Don loves meeting and helping new people. Don is a sportsman, he is an avid saltwater fisherman and deer hunter. Don also is a strong advocate for Hospice.

      Quote from Don: “All of my customers are considered friends. But my best friend is my wife, away from work we are almost inseparable.”

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      Erin Vanderfleet

      Executive Assistant

      Erin was the daughter of an Air Force Master Sargent and was raised all over the United States. She is the mother of two beautiful boys.
      When asked about what she enjoys about her work she says, “I enjoy being able to help people.”

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      Andrew Hicks

      Vice President of Operations

      Andrew is a Greensboro native who enjoys various types of photography such as astrophotography, long exposure, sports, and landscape photography. Andrew’s background is in IT where he used to provide consults and support for small businesses around Greensboro. In contrast to that Andrew also enjoys thrill rides and theme parks.

      Quote from Andrew: Our employees are my favorite part of PMI.  We have some really great people. PMI as a company is a company that really cares about its customers and always strives to do the right thing.  If someone has a problem, we want to make it right and leave them happy with their experience. It feels good to work for a company like that!

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      Laurie Tesh


      Laurie was born in a suburb of Los Angeles and her parents moved their family to her dad’s home state of NC when she was 10. She has lived in the Greensboro area ever since and NC is where she calls home! Billy and Laurie met in High School in 1976 and married after they graduated from college. Basically, Billy and Laurie grew up together!

      Billy and Laurie have two great daughters, Julie Tesh-Clark and Kelly Tesh Thompson. They have two wonderful sons-in-laws, Jeremy Clark and Patrick Thompson. And they are both from Louisiana!! Julie and Jeremy have two children, Cooper and Sarah Grace and three rambunctious Labradors, Miss Remington, Elouise and Ford Ruffin. They live in Baton Rouge, LA and Jeremy is also in the pest control industry. Kelly and Patrick have a handsome yellow lab named Bacchus (Baci for short) and the newest addition to the family Harper, the most precious and sweet granddaughter born in April 2020!! Patrick runs the Pinehurst/Sandhills branch of PMi.

      Billy and Laurie started Pest Management in 1984 and have over 55 employees. She loves that they have a business that takes care of the customer’s needs and also that we take care of our employees and their families. They love helping people and making a difference in their health and wellbeing. Laurie says, “We are so thankful we have a business that will always be needed and that our employees have job security.”

      Laurie loves traveling and especially taking trips with her family. She loves sharing new places, experiences, and adventures with them!!

      There are so many great organizations Laurie and Billy have worked with over the years. They love to spread the love over as many programs as we can. There are so many worthy causes…Habitat, Make-a-Wish, Victory Junction, Camp Weaver, EMF, The Science Center, Teen Challenge, and Hospice just to name a few!! One of her greatest memories was being a part of granting a wish for a little girl in a wheelchair for a Make-a-wish event with their daughter, Julie. Laurie says, “Seeing firsthand how important these organizations are makes me so happy and feel so blessed we can support and contribute to their cause.”

      Laurie’s family had a dance studio for many years in downtown Greensboro. She grew up with a lot of music and dancing in our house. She loved to waltz with her dad around our living room when she was young. Her dad taught her and her sister all the ballroom dances. Laurie said, “What most don’t know is when I dance with Billy – I lead!!!”

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      Billy Tesh


      Born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, Billy Tesh has been in the pest control business since age 14. Now, over 35 years since the establishment of Pest Management Systems, Inc. he has proven himself as a leader, collaborator and contributor to the Greensboro, Summerfield and Sandhills communities.

      Tesh graduated, with honors, from North Carolina State University and with the help of his wife, Laurie, founded PMi in 1984. Billy has two grown and married daughters with children of their own. His family spirit has translated into a very family-oriented workplace which is usually the top answer when anyone is asked why they like working at PMi.

      With an ever-raging spirit to innovate and communicate Billy has also started and maintained several other successful businesses. After the success of PMi, our sister company Groundworks, was founded in 1995; PestOne in 1999; Crawlspace Care Technologies in 2006; followed by Crawlspace Depot in 2011.

      Mr. Tesh has held many positions on boards and elected offices. After rising through the ranks with the North Carolina Pest Control Association, Billy was elected President in 1987. He worked extensively as a member of the Greensboro Builders Association, earning Associate of the Year in 2003, Recruiter of the Year in 2004, and elected President in 2008. He was the proud recipient in 2009 of the Eugene Gulledge Outstanding Service Award. Tesh is a member of the board of directors for the Greensboro Science Center and has served that position for over 10 years. He received the NC State Outstanding Alumnus Award in 2003. PMi and Tesh are proud members of many local, state and national organizations.

      Over the last 35 years, Tesh has worked with lawmakers in Washington, DC on important legislation affecting the pest control industry lobbying for the good of the industry and betterment of the country. He says pest control is more than just protecting homes and health it’s about making a difference in people’s lives. He is doing just that, Mr. Tesh a longtime member of the National Pest Management Association was elected to the Board of Directors in 2011 serving as Secretary, Treasurer, and now a former President of this international organization.

      Billy has made an impact in the world of pest management and the people whose lives he has touched. As pests continue to grow and evolve, he continues to learn, improve, and keeps working harder in this industry. Mr. Tesh is a staple in this community and is continuing to his mission to try and make it better and bring people together. The bugs don’t stop and neither does PMi or Billy Tesh!

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