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Bed Bugs

Travel Tips: Avoiding Bed Bugs and More

This spring and summer, PMi wants you and your family to stay protected against bed bugs. Check out these tips for staying bed bug free while traveling this year:

  1.      Do a little Internet research

Before your vacation or trip, be proactive and brush up on what bed bugs look like (from eggs to adult). In addition, take a look at pictures of fecal staining, as well as cast skins so you will be educated on what to look out for at your next stay.

  1.       Inspect where you lodge

Whether you are staying at an exclusive resort or a simple hotel, it is better to be safe than sorry. We suggest you bring a simple LED flashlight along in your suitcase so you can properly inspect areas for bed bugs. The flashlight will help you to see into small dark cracks, which is where bed bugs typically like to harbor. Inspect behind the headboard (if possible), the ruffles, creases and divots in the mattress, the box spring, and the bed frame.

  1.       Storing your items

We would not encourage storing your belongings in the hotel dressers or nightstands, as those are also favorite harborages for bed bugs. Keep your bags/luggage away from the bed, as well as areas close to the bed, so you can minimize the likelihood of bed bugs hitchhiking amongst your belongings. The safest place to keep your items is the bathroom. We have found that keeping your items in the bathtub or on ceramic tile floor is one of the least likely places to encounter bed bugs.

  1.       Arriving home

When you arrive home, it is best to place your items in a trash bag, until you have the ability to fully launder everything. Drying clothes on high heat for an hour minimum is also recommended.

We hope you enjoyed these tips to greatly reduce the likelihood of bringing bed bugs back to your home. Safe travels from our family at PMi to yours!

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