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How Often Should I Spray My House for Bugs?

Hopefully, you understand the importance of regular pest control services. However, you may still be left wondering just how often you actually need to spray your house for bugs. Keep reading to learn more about the best recommendations for pest control.

The Benefits of Quarterly Pest Control

While any amount of pest control is better than nothing, your best line of defense would be to invest in quarterly pest control services. Here is why:

  • As the seasons change, different pests will emerge and become more active. During the winter rodents and spiders are more likely to come into your home looking for food, water, and shelter. Once spring arrives, ants, fleas, and earwigs become a problem. This cycle continues throughout the year, making it difficult for a one-time treatment to effectively control all pests.
  • Treatments can also become ineffective over the course of a few months. They aren’t designed to maintain their full potency for an entire year. To truly experience the full effectiveness of available treatments, you will want a new application every 3-4 months.
  • Quarterly pest control services are also a great money-saver. Rather than pay expensive extermination and home repair bills once an infestation has already affected your home, you can pay a small fee a few times a year to help avoid major problems.
  • Having regularly scheduled pest control treatments can also take another item off your list of tasks. You can schedule way ahead of time and not have to worry about calling every few months. It is a convenient way to manage pest control for your home.

PMi Pest Management offers a wide range of pest control services. Call today to learn more about our quarterly pest control services and just how affordable it is to get started.

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