5 Benefits of Professional Pest Control Services in Winter
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5 Benefits of Getting Professional Pest Control Services in Winter

Do you routinely stop your professional pest control services in the winter? You’re not alone. But you may not realize that you’re compromising your health and the safety of your home.

Year-round protection delivers five huge benefits. Once you discover them, you’ll want to keep your pest control visits this winter.

1. Protect Your Home

Using professional pest control services during the cold months can protect your home from the damage that winter pests can cause. Contrary to what many think, pests do not simply disappear during cold weather. They’re still around.

Some of them reduce their activity to save energy. In nature, food can become scarce in winter, so pests, like other creatures, slow down and limit their physical exertion. But they haven’t necessarily gone away. In fact, some, such as mice and rats, may seek shelter in your home for the winter months.

Protect Your Home From Winter Pests

Some homeowners regrettably take the stance that everything is fine as long as they don’t see the pests. That thinking leaves room for invaders to cause all types of damage behind the scenes.

Mice and rats left on their own accord in a basement or attic can shred papers and old clothes, creating a fire hazard. They can also nibble through wood, plaster, and wires, creating shortages, outages, and possibly fires.

That’s why it’s wise to continue professional pest control services throughout the winter. You can keep mice and rats at bay, protecting your home.

2. Protect Your Health

Your health and that of your family are a primary concern year-round. That includes the winter months. You go to great lengths to make sure your family stays warm and has plenty of food on hand.

But one of your provisions for caring for your family’s health should include winter pest control. Why? Because winter pests can create an unhealthy environment for your family.

Winter is when we rarely open our windows, so the interior air of our homes can remain stale. That’s not good even when the general air quality is healthy. But when rodents are defiling the atmosphere, it becomes potentially dangerous to breathe in that air day after day.

The primary way pests create air pollution is through urine and fecal droppings. Researchers have linked an increase in childhood asthma with cockroaches in unsafe low-income housing developments for decades.

Mice and rats also produce droppings that pollute the air. If you skip professional pest control services in the winter, you continually allow free reign for a pest to contaminate your family’s environment.

3. Save Money

Cost is one of the primary reasons people give for pausing visits from a pest control professional in the winter. They reason that they will save money without wintertime pest control.

However, the opposite may be true. Not having professional pest control services during the winter can cost you money. We often forget how much it can cost to repair damage caused by pests.

Pest Control Saves You Money

For example, you may have a cherished, expensive rug that you store in the winter to keep it free of snowy and muddy boots. But a bundled rug lying undisturbed in a quiet, dark attic or basement is precisely what mice and rats call an ideal winter vacation home.

So, when spring finally rolls around, you can’t wait to put your favorite rug back on your living room floor. But as you approach the rug, the first thing you notice is an unpleasant odor. That’s from three or more months of rodent urine and droppings.

When you unfurl the rug, the damage is apparent. Not only does the carpet need an expensive professional cleaning, but it also may have permanent damage from sharp teeth and claws.

The peace of mind that wintertime professional pest control services give you will cost far less than the price of professionally cleaning or replacing your damaged articles.

4. Discover New Entry Points for Pests

Pests are never satisfied with having one entry into your home. Your home is constantly attacked by pests looking for new ways to get in.

If you schedule visits from professional pest control services and technicians during the winter, their inspection can reveal new areas where pests have invaded. If the new entry point is discovered early, you can take deliberate action to repair the breach.

But if you don’t identify the new invasion point until spring or summer, your problem is likely to be far worse. Instead of a minor nuisance, you may now be dealing with a well-established nest or colony.

As homes age, they can shift, creating gaps in the foundation along the walls or near the ceiling that are ideal for small pests. It doesn’t matter how well your home is constructed. It is still subject to gravitational and seismic forces like any other home.

5. Identify New Threats

With new ways of entering your home can come new threats. For example, perhaps your primary concern has been ants and termites. You might feel that the situation is under control by the end of autumn.

So you pause your professional pest control services during the winter. But during the cold months, a crack appears in the foundation that’s large enough for mice to enter.

Identify Areas Pests Can Enter Your Home

Pest control technicians making regular visits can spot mouse droppings and trace them to the crack in the foundation. This knowledge would allow you to keep your basement clean and healthy and repair your foundation before the crack creates more significant damage.

On the other hand, if you wait to book professional pest control services in the spring or summer, you could have a rodent-infested basement along with an expensive foundation repair.

Don’t Neglect Winter Professional Pest Control Services

Keep your guard up this winter against pests by scheduling ongoing professional pest control services from professionals like Pest Management Systems. Regular wintertime visits will go a long way toward keeping your home and family safe and healthy.

Protection for you and your family is one easy step away. Simply contact us today to get started.

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