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Simple Things You Can Do to Avoid Winter Pests

Just because the weather turns cold doesn’t mean that pests stop becoming a problem. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure that winter pests don’t become a problem. 

Practice Regular Home Maintenance

During the winter months, pests will be looking for a warm shelter and easy sources of food and water. That makes your home an ideal target. A little home maintenance can help keep pests at bay. Be sure to inspect the exterior of your home and repair or replace any damaged siding or shingles. Pay attention to vent covers and any gaps around exhaust pipes. Make sure these are all in good working condition. Keep in mind that pests are going to gravitate to low-traffic areas, so don’t forget about the basement, attic, and garage. 

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

No one likes to do the dishes, but if you have dirty dishes piled up, crumbs on the floor, and open containers of food on the counter, you are inviting pests to an all-you-can-eat feast. Avoid leaving dirty dishes overnight and clean floors and counters on a daily basis. Finally, clear away any pet bowls once they have finished their meals.

Seal off Gaps and Cracks

As part of your home maintenance, you will want to seal off any cracks in the foundation and gaps around windows and doors. Mice only need a dime-size hole to easily enter your home, so even small openings can be a problem. 

Clean the Yard

Make sure that wood piles are located away from the home, clean up leaf debris, and make sure the gutters are clear. This will prevent pests from finding a comfortable habitat near your home and eventually finding their way inside.

For professional help preparing your home for winter and making sure that pests don’t become a problem, contact the experts at PMi Pest Management. They can provide you with targeted and effective pest control throughout the year. 

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