All Season Pest Control: Expert Advice on Best Time of Year
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Pest Control

All Season Pest Control: What Time of Year is Best for Pest Control?

All Season Pest Control: An Overview

Approximately 14.8 million households see rodents in their homes each year, but rodents are not the only pests people find in their houses.

People living in North Carolina often find ants, roaches, bed bugs, spiders, and termites in their homes. Are you struggling to get rid of these bugs or others?

You can eliminate most bugs through all season pest control services, but many homeowners wonder what time of year they need these services.

If you’re trying to determine the best time of year to treat the bugs you have in your home, keep reading. This guide explains the answer to this question along with more info about all season pest control.

All Season Pest Control

Pest Prevention Is Better Than Treating Pest Infestation

Pests can get inside any home at any time, which is why all season pest control is important. While preventative measures help you control this problem, nothing completely stops every pest from getting inside your home.

However, taking the proper steps helps reduce the number of pests that infiltrate your home.

The most vital thing to understand about pests is it’s always better to prevent them rather than treat them after an infestation occurs. Therefore, hiring an all season pest control service is essential for all homeowners.

Pest prevention consists of pest-proofing your home and treating the home for pests before they become a problem. Preventing pest infestation with all season pest control is helpful for several reasons:

Prevention Is Simpler

Once pests start taking over a house, you’ll see dozens or hundreds throughout your home.

Not only does this require killing them and stopping more from entering, but it also requires cleaning them up and removing them from your house. Therefore, preventing them in the first place is the best route.

Pests Damage Homes

Secondly, pests can damage homes. For example, if you can prevent termites, you can avoid damage to your house. However, if termites begin infesting your home, your home could suffer damage, as termites eat wood.

Pests Contaminate Homes

Pests also contaminate homes. You might understand this if you’ve ever had mice in your home. Mice tend to leave droppings wherever they go, and these droppings contain bacteria.

Pest Contamination

Pest Problems Vary During the Year

If you’ve lived in your house for a few years, you might know the pest problems you tend to deal with yearly. You probably also know that pest problems vary by season and temperature.

For example, you might have ants during the summer months, leaving you needing pest control summer services. You might see more ladybugs, cockroaches, or mice during the winter.

As a result, it’s wise to consider getting pest control services multiple times a year. Of course, you can base the frequency on your needs, but remember that preventing pests is better than treating them.

An all season pest control company can also teach you tips about pest prevention. They can even give you tips during different times of the year.

For example, they can offer some winter pest control tips. If you use firewood to heat your home, the pest control company might recommend keeping the wood away from your house.

Termites eat wood. If you keep the woodpile near your home, you might attract termites to your house.

Treating in the Fall and Spring Is Vital

So, what is the best season for pest control? Most pest control companies suggest the best time to treat a home is in the fall and spring.

The fall is when the weather begins changing as it prepares for winter. The weather starts getting colder this season, which often causes pests to look for a place to live. What better place than your home?

As a result, it would be helpful to get fall pest control services as soon as autumn begins. These services help reduce the pests in your home during the cold winter.

Additionally, you might want to get spring pest control services to protect your house against summer pest threats.

In the spring, the weather begins warming up. When this occurs, bugs start waking up from the winter and begin repopulating. The summer is the season when you’ll likely see the most pests.

Most pests stay outdoors in the summer but can still find their way into your house. If you treat your home for summer pests during the spring, it will make a big difference.

Pest-Proofing Your Home Helps

Finally, an all season pest control company might recommend some steps to pest-proof your home. Pest-proofing a home involves minor changes that prevent bugs and rodents from getting into your house.

The first step to pest-proof your house is to seal off your doorways. Bugs and rodents sneak into a home through small cracks. You might notice small cracks by your exterior doors if you look closely.

If you see these, you should fill them with caulk, weather strips, or other mechanisms that close them.

Next, you can do the same with your windows. Caulking and sealing your home windows can also stop bugs from finding a way inside. In addition, you might want to inspect your screens to ensure they don’t have holes.

Finally, you might want to walk around your home to inspect the other parts. If you see cracks or holes, fill them with caulk to stop the bugs from having a way inside.

Pest Proofing Your Home

Hiring All Season Pest Control Is the Best Choice

Pests don’t need an invitation to your home. Instead, they enter as they wish. However, you can stop pests from overtaking your house by hiring a company for all season pest control.

Of course, getting rid of 100% of the pests in a house is nearly impossible, but taking these steps will reduce the likelihood of pests entering your home.

Contact us at Pest Management Systems, Inc if you live in North Carolina and need all season pest control services. We offer excellent services that you can trust.

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