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North Carolina Winter Pest Control Tips

Winter may mean a break from mosquito season, but the cold weather doesn’t mean that other pests won’t continue to be a problem. Follow these tips to keep your Triangle area home pest-free throughout the winter.

Keep Your Home Clean

While pests won’t stay away from your home just because it is clean, regular cleaning is a good first step in keeping pests at bay. If there are dirty dishes, trash, and a lot of clutter around the house, you may be creating a more ideal environment for pests. A dirty house will also make it more difficult to notice when there is a pest problem.

Use Airtight Food Storage Containers

During the winter, food sources can be scarce for animals and pests. That makes it more likely that they will start hunting around your home. You can help deter pests and protect your food from contamination by making sure that it is safely stored in air-tight containers.

Store Firewood Away from the Home

Placing the firewood pile right by the door may be convenient, but it also provides pests with a great hiding place and puts your home at risk for an infestation. As a general rule, try and store firewood about 20 feet from the home.

Clean Up Yard Clutter

Again, a little cleaning and landscaping can go a long way in keeping pests away. Put any outside tools or seating that won’t be used over the winter into storage. Also, remove excess brush and yard debris so that you aren’t giving spiders, bugs, and rodents the perfect place to hide.

Call a Pest Control Expert

The best way to keep your home pest-free is to work with a pest control professional. They can help identify any potential problems, help keep your home pest-proof, and protect your home and family. For North Carolina’s best pest control experts, contact PMi Pest Management.

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