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How to Get Rid of Bats, Squirrels or Other Wildlife in Your Greensboro Home

In North Carolina, there are many kinds of wildlife that many find your home to be just as suitable as you do. Many of these creatures are harmless in the wild but can cause some serious damage to your home, potentially costing you thousands. Look for signs of the following animals to keep your home in its best condition.

Outdoor Wildlife Control & Potential Damage to Your Home in Greensboro, NC


Bats are especially active during the summer months; while they’re helpful in getting rid of mosquitoes, they can cause health issues if they get into your house. Bats are sometimes carriers of rabies, as well as their droppings being a health hazard for you and your family.


Flying or grey squirrels can get into your attic and cause wreak havoc on wiring, insulation, air conditioning ducts and heat ducts. These can be fire risks, so look out for chew marks on your roof or woodwork.


Starlings and woodpeckers are both common nuisances to homes. Starlings tend to nest in bathroom exhaust vent ducts and dryer ducts, which blocks air flow and is also a fire hazard. Woodpeckers tap on structures to defend their territory and can cause damage to your home.


More common during the spring or summer, opossums often enter your home through the crawl spaces and burrow under heating or air conditioning units. They can do plenty of damage to the insulation, subfloor joists, air ducts and more. Opossums bite, so call in an expert to take care of the issue.

Wildlife Control for Squirrels, Birds & More in Greensboro, NC

Based in Greensboro, NC and serving the surrounding areas, Pest Management Systems has a team of wildlife damage control agents that can remove wildlife from your home and keep your structure, insulation and family safe. We also provide habitat modification services to prevent these creatures from invading in the first place. Give us a call today at (336) 272-4400 if you think you might have something living in your attic, chimney, air ducts or more.


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