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When the Weather Warms, Spring Pests Emerge

Spring is a beautiful time of year when nature comes back to life. This includes all the pests that have been hibernating and avoiding the cold weather. All sorts of pests will be ready to find food and water and start reproducing. Here are some of the common North Carolina pests that you may be seeing over the next couple of months.


Mosquitoes will become inactive and conserve energy during the winter, but this doesn’t mean that they have disappeared. They are simply waiting for warm weather to make a comeback. As you prepare for spring, keep in mind that mosquitoes can do more harm than ruining a barbecue and leaving behind itchy red welts. They can also transmit a variety of diseases. That is why it is important to protect your family and your pets.

Bees and Wasps

While you might see more bees and wasps in the spring, you don’t necessarily have to worry about these pests even if they can sting. Bees and wasps will only sting if they are feeling threatened. Typically, it is easy to avoid these situations. However, if you notice a nest around the eaves of your home, you may want to call in a professional to have them safely removed. 


Termites will also become more active in the spring as they begin looking for readily available food sources to help them grow the colony. Unfortunately, your home may be their favorite food source. Termites could be causing serious damage without you knowing. Since termites thrive in the North Carolina climate, it is especially important to protect your home and receive regular termite treatments.


Gardeners love ladybugs because they eat other mites and aphids that can destroy plants. They don’t become a problem unless they find your way inside. You may notice them crawling around windows and curtains as uninvited guests.

If you want to protect your home and keep pests at bay as much as possible throughout the spring and summer months, your best bet is to establish a regular treatment plan with a pest expert. They can help identify and prevent infestations and keep your home pest-free. If you are looking for an experienced pest control expert in North Carolina, contact PMi Pest Management

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