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What Happens To Pests During The Winter And Do I Need Pest Control?

When the weather turns cold, plants, animals and even some humans go into hibernation mode. During this time, you probably aren’t noticing the usual bugs and pests in your yard, which can lead to an “out of sight, out of mind mentality,” but are native insects actually gone?

Learn more about how pests cope with cold weather and how you can protect your home during the winter months.


It is a common misconception that insects simply die off during winter. However, many pests have clever strategies that allow them to safely survive the winter and emerge once the weather turns warm again. For example, mosquitoes, which can be quite a nuisance during the summer, actually hibernate. They find shelter in areas like hollow logs and the females will start looking for food to begin feeding eggs when the temperature is on the rise.


Ants are also able to overwinter by binging during the fall and putting on extra fat to survive the winter. When the temperature drops, they cut way back on activity and move their colony underground until spring. 


Cockroaches are legendary when it comes to surviving harsh conditions, which makes winter a piece of cake for them. They adapt by finding warm, moist areas in your home to hangout. That is why you will commonly see them in your kitchen and bathrooms. In fact, you may notice an increase in cockroaches as they seek shelter and hunker down for the winter.   


Various species of termites behave differently and the local climate can influence how they react to the winter. In colder climates, termites will dig below the frost line and hibernate until the temperature reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Drywood termites will find winter shelter in dry wood, which can include your home.  

Do I Need Pest Control Services in Winter?

Insects are incredibly adaptable and able to survive the winter months. In some cases, their survival depends on being able to move into your home. While you may not notice their presence, they could be hibernating and ready to emerge come springtime. That means that you need to continue with pest control services throughout the winter. 

Ideally, you can work with your pest management provider to set up regular visits. This will help you keep insects at bay throughout the year.

Contact Pest Management Systems to learn more about scheduling an appointment with one of your experts. We can help you experience a pest-free home. 

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