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Termite Control: Liquid Versus Bait

Termite prevention and control should be a top priority for homeowners in North Carolina. Fortunately, there are effective treatments that can protect your home from these destructive pests. Liquid barriers and bait treatments are both popular methods that each come with certain pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at these approaches to help you decide which is the best for your home.

Liquid Barrier Termite Control  

Creating a liquid barrier of termiticide helps to prevent termites from entering the home in the first place. This has long been the standard for termite control. While it is an effective way of treating termites, there are some drawbacks to be aware of. 

First, creating the liquid barrier requires you to drill holes in the ground and create a trench around the foundation of the home. Termites that try to pass through this barrier will be killed, but creating the barrier in the first place can be difficult.

In addition, while the barrier will protect the home from termite attacks, it doesn’t do anything to address the source of the problem. As long as the colony is still thriving, worker termites will continue to try to get through the barrier. As the barrier becomes less potent over time, they may be able to eventually enter the home. 

Bait Termite Control

The main benefit of using bait to control termites is that it can work to eradicate the entire colony. Termites will carry the bait back to the colony where the other termites, including the queen, will be exposed to the termiticide. 

Today’s bait products have the added benefit of being targeted so that other beneficial insects aren’t harmed. In addition, the baits are environmentally safe. The main disadvantage of this method is that it can take months to be effective. The process of eliminating the colony won’t happen overnight.

Both termite control methods are effective. Choosing the right approach will depend on your goals and the nature of your infestation. For more help finding the right termite treatment for your home, contact PMi Pest Management. They can help you protect your home from termites and other pests.  

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