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Technician Saves Life

Pest Management Systems, Inc. (PMi) employee Rick Tilley found himself going above and beyond the call of his normal work duties when he performed CPR on a 65-year-old resident of Pleasant Garden, NC. At approximately 11:00am on May 6, 2008, the male victim went into full cardiac arrest and, thanks to Tilley’s assistance, survived the incident and was admitted to Moses Cone Hospital.

Tilley had arrived early that day to service a customer’s home. While working, he heard a scream from outside the house. He went to the door where the customer informed him that her neighbor had collapsed in the yard. Tilley promptly called 911 before initiating CPR, an act that played a key role in saving the man’s life. “I just happened to be in the right place at the right time,” Tilley said.

“We’re proud of Rick for responding so quickly to help a person in need,” said Billy Tesh, founder of the Greensboro, NC based PMi. “We always hope our employees will go beyond the call of duty, but Rick’s actions are truly exceptional. We’re proud to have him as a member of the PMi Team.”

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