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Professional Backyard Mosquito Control Options

One of the benefits of living in North Carolina is enjoying temperate weather that allows homeowners to create inviting outdoor living spaces. While the local climate is perfect for dinners on the patio, it is also ideal for mosquitos and these pests can make it impossible to enjoy your yard. Often times, common solutions such as citronella candles and bug spray, simply aren’t enough. Learn more about professional year mosquito control options that can help you enjoy the outdoors again.

Integrated Pest Management

There are a variety of other mosquito solutions on the market that include everything from mosquito nets to misters. However, many of these solutions either offer a minimal level of effectiveness or they introduce an excessive amount of pesticides into your yard. The most effective and environmentally friendly way to control mosquitoes is by working with a company that has experience with integrated pest management (IPM) practices.

This approach is designed to reduce the mosquito population without negatively affecting the environment and the ecosystem. While mosquitoes may be a nuisance, they do serve a purpose. Mosquitoes are an essential food source for bats, bird, spiders and other wildlife. Eliminating them from your yard entirely will throw off the natural balance of the local ecosystem.

IPM works to introduce the least intrusive solutions first and then make adjustments as necessary. Pesticides are only used as a last resort. A professional with experience in IPM techniques may begin my recommending that you install bird feeders and bat houses around your yard. By encouraging predators to feast in your yard, you can naturally eliminate thousands of mosquitoes an hour, all without using chemicals.

Mosquito Traps

From there, you may want to introduce mosquito traps that draw in the pests without using pesticides or killing other insects. Many people invest in inexpensive bug zappers to try and control mosquitos, but these devices usually end up killing other helpful insects without making a significant impact on the mosquito population. Mosquito traps are specifically designed to attract mosquitos by emitting moisture, heat and carbon dioxide that lure the insects into the trap where they are killed. Keep in mind that you will have to use this device for about a month to break the breeding cycle and experience noticeable results.

If you still aren’t experiencing the desired results and mosquitoes are rendering your backyard uninhabitable, a professional pest expert may recommend incorporating pesticides into your treatment plan. These chemicals will be used carefully and sparingly in order to protect your family and the environment. While pesticides are highly effective, they should be used responsibly and as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

If you are interested in learning more about professional backyard mosquito control options and how integrated pest management tools and methods can be used to treat your mosquito problem, contact PMi today. We have years of experience helping homeowners throughout the Triad and across the Sand Hills reclaim their outdoor living space and get back to enjoy their backyard.


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