3 Pests That Threaten Your Pets in Greensboro, NC
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Pest Control

Pests Vs. Pets: Pests That Threaten Your Outdoor Pets in Greensboro, NC

Pests That Threaten Your Pets: An Overview

In 2022, it is estimated that the US pest control market will hit $20.4 billion dollars.

None of us want to live with ants, cockroaches, and vermin in our homes. But something easy to overlook are the outdoor pests that have a significant impact on our pets. In Greensboro, NC, our balmy climate makes us home to lots of pests that could cause serious harm to our beloved furry friends.

Forewarned is forearmed. Let’s look at some of the pests in Greensboro, NC, that could be a threat to your pets and see what you can do about them.


Mosquitoes are such common pests in Greensboro, NC they could give the cardinal a run for state bird.

Mosquitoes are vectors for several diseases that are dangerous to humans, and sadly they also carry diseases that can infect our pets, too. One of the most dangerous is heartworm disease.

Mosquito bites spread worms from one animal to another. These parasites spend most of their lifecycles inside dogs or cats. Mosquitoes only carry them for a short time as they move from one dog to another.

Heartworm disease is a potentially fatal disease for dogs and cats. They get the name heartworm because the full-grown worms live in the heart. They can also affect the lungs and blood vessels of the dog or cat.

It can take years for an infection to become serious. If it develops into a class 4 infection, the worms can block blood flow back to your dog or cat’s heart. Treatments are costly and not always effective.

The FDA recommends that the best course of treatment is prevention. Treatment, in this case, means preventative medication and keeping mosquitoes at bay where you live. Some veterinarians will prescribe tick and flea pest repellant in Greensboro, NC, which includes heartworm disease preventatives.

No pest control treatment can eliminate them, but regular treatments throughout the summer can help to reduce their numbers around your home. You can also monitor your backyard and remove any standing water where mosquitoes could lay their eggs.

Pests That Threaten Your Pets - Mosquitoes


North Carolina is home to six species of venomous snakes. Copperheads are one of the most common pests that threaten your pets and are plentiful in Greensboro. And each year, some unfortunate canines get into tussles with them in which they invariably come off the loser.

With prompt treatment, the copperhead’s bite may not prove fatal. If you don’t see the encounter, you may notice your dog is limping, and the bite site may swell up. If you suspect a snake bite, get on the phone with your veterinarian immediately.

Poisonous Snakes Can Kill Your Pets

It’s impossible to guarantee that copperheads and other snakes won’t get into your backyard. But avoid creating snake sanctuaries – areas such as low-growing shrubs, woodpiles, and tarps. Controlling rodent populations around your home will cut off a food source that can attract snakes.

Black rat snakes are the most common snakes in Greensboro. They’re non-venomous and kill their prey by constriction. But as opportunists, they could prey on a small cat if they got the opportunity.

But if snakes are becoming a problem for you, call in a professional pest control company. A snake control company in Greensboro, NC, will know exactly what kind of snakes they’re dealing with and how to remove them.


Greensboro is home to a few spiders that could threaten our four-legged friends. One of the most dangerous is the black widow. Although they’ve got a horror movie reputation, they’re not aggressive unless your dog or cat gets them into a tight spot.

They can develop serious symptoms within a few hours if they are bitten. Depending on the size and age of the animal, it could even prove fatal. Cats are more susceptible to black widow bites, so the symptoms usually come on more quickly.

Black Widows Can Kill Your Pets

If you see the spider, you can confirm that it’s a black widow bite. Black widows are about an inch in diameter and have a distinctive red hourglass-shaped mark on their undersides. Get on the phone with your veterinarian as soon as possible.

They may be able to treat your pet with antivenom and save them if they catch it in time.

Preventing Black Widow and Other Spider Infestations

Signs that you’ve got a spider infestation include seeing ragged webs with a silken sac. This sac is full of eggs, and you need to call in the professionals.

Be very careful when doing yard work. Spiders like to live in secluded spots. Wear heavy gloves and take great care when cleaning out areas that haven’t had much attention recently.

It’s wise to invest in a pest control package. You’ll get regular visits from a pest control company in Greensboro, NC, who know the type of pests that are common in the area. They’ll be able to spot the early signs and remove them before they become a threat to you or your pets.

Other Pests that Prey on Pets

Mosquitoes, snakes, and spiders are the most common pests in Greensboro, NC, that could cause harm to your pets. The pest control tips above can help you to keep them under control.

Fleas, ticks, and even bed bugs can also cause suffering for our animals. Effective treatments for each of these are available from your veterinarian.

Keep Your Pets Safe from Pests in Greensboro, NC

Pests in Greensboro, NC, can cause pain and potentially even take the lives of our beloved pets. That’s why it’s important to follow the NC pest control tips above. None of them can provide 100% protection, but they can make it much less likely that your furry friend will have an encounter they’ll never forget.

Pest Management Systems Inc. is here to help with all your pest control needs. We have extensive experience in battling all pests residing in North Carolina. Our tried and tested methods are highly effective at helping you keep your home as pest-free as possible.

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