How To Kill Carpenter Ants And Keep Them Away
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How To Kill Carpenter Ants

While there are hundreds of different species of ants in the US alone, carpenter ants are distinct for both their size and how they build their nests. They can grow to .38” and they burrow into wood to create passages or galleries where they lay eggs. While they often build these nests in damp wood out in your landscape, they can also enter the home and do damage to window sills and door frames. You may notice a fine sawdust where they have eaten their way through the wood, making them a pest you want to get rid of as soon as possible. Learn how to kill carpenter ants with our tips below.

Step 1: Inspection

An inspection will help determine exactly what kind of ant you are dealing with and whether they have actually nested in your home or they are simply entering your home and foraging for food. Both of these factors will affect how you proceed. Contact PMI for your ant inspection.

Step 2: Find the Nest

Carpenter ants love damp wood since it is easier to burrow through. Check your home and yard for any rotting wood and you may quickly locate the nest. You may also be able to hear the ants as they communicate with each other. Tap the wall or area where you think they may be nesting and you will hear a rustling sound if you are in the right spot. If you can see the ant trail, you may be able to follow it back to the nest. This is best done at night when the ants are most active. 

Step 3: Eliminate the Nest

The best method for killing carpenter ants and eliminating the nest may depend on the location. You may be able to put out baits, but in most cases, a spray of foam will be used to penetrate all the various passageways of the nest so that all the adults and larva are eliminated. 

Step 4: Repair Any Damage and Remove Rotten Wood

Even if you eliminate your current infestation of carpenter ants in your home, they can return and begin to lay eggs in the passageways they have already established. To prevent further infestations, you will want to replace damaged wood. It is also important to remove moist or rotten wood from your landscape so that you don’t invite new colonies to build nests and enter your home to find food and water. 

How To Kill Carpenter Ants Quickly

If you want to quickly address the problem, make sure all the ants are eliminated and prevent new colonies from setting up shop, your best bet is to call a professional. The experts at PMi Pest Management can quickly assess your situation, recommend the best course of action and get to work eliminating carpenter ants in your home and your yard. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

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