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How To Get Rid of Ants – 5 Simple Steps

It doesn’t take long for a few ants to turn into a steady stream crawling through your home. These pests are known for using pheromones to communicate with each other and notify the rest of the colony that they have found a new food source. That can make it difficult to get rid of them without a clear plan of action. Follow these simple steps to prevent and get rid of ants.

  1. Eliminate access points. Even small cracks can provide enough room for ants to enter your home. Regularly inspect your home and seal any holes or cracks using silicone caulk. Pay attention to gaps that form around windows and doors and utility pipes. It is also important to trim back trees and shrubs so that they are a couple of feet away from the house. 
  2. Get rid of standing water in and around the home. Ants are on the lookout for food and water sources. Even a leaky pipe under the kitchen sink can be attractive to these pests. Make it a point to inspect for moisture throughout the home and make sure that water isn’t accumulating in your yard. Clogged gutters can send water near the foundation, so keep them clean and properly functioning. Finally, invest in a dehumidifier for damp basements and crawl spaces.
  3. Clean up after pets. Dirty pet bowls and spilled water and pet food can attract ants. .Be sure to clean up crumbs, wipe down bowls and store food in plastic containers that provide a tight seal.
  4. Maintain a clean kitchen. A dirty kitchen is a buffet for ants. Take the time to wipe down surfaces, sweep up crumbs and take out the garbage. Also, don’t leave fruit on the counter and make sure that all food is stored in sealable plastic containers.
  5. Call a professional. Once ants have found their way into your home, getting rid of them can be difficult. Your best bet is to call a pest management professional who can provide a thorough treatment that will eliminate your infestation and prevent more ants from appearing. 

At Pest Management Systems, we have years of experience helping residents throughout North Carolina enjoy a pest-free home and yard. Whether you are battling ants or other pests, we can help create a custom treatment plan that will protect your home and your family. Call us today.

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