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Crawl Space Improvements to Help Home Efficiency

Most people associate energy efficiency with appliances and doors and windows. While replacing old appliances and drafty windows can help improve your home’s energy efficiency, the crawl space is actually one of the most vital yet neglected aspects of your home’s health. This space can be a major source of energy loss during both the summer and winter months. Making a few improvements to the crawl space can dramatically improve efficiency and reduce monthly utility bills.

Make Crawl Space Openings Airtight

Just as with any other door or window in your home, the openings to the crawl space should be sealed, insulated and air tight. Often times, this component of the crawl space is ignored and anything from a piece of plywood to a sheet of metal is simply placed over the opening. This means that outside air is constantly collecting under the house and making it difficult to regulate temperatures indoors.

Any crawl space door should be made to fit the opening and come with insulation and weather stripping. You want a tight seal to form every time the door is shut. 

Repair and Insulate Duct Work

The crawl space is also an important part of the home because it houses a lot of plumbing and ducts. If there are any holes in the ducts, air will simply escape into the crawl space, making it hard to heat or cool the space above. It is important to seal any holes and make sure there aren’t gaps at connection points. Duct wraps that contain insulation are also a great solution that will keep the ducts at an ideal and constant temperature. 

Insulate the Crawl Space

Adding foam insulation board to the walls of the crawl space is a simple and affordable way to regulate the air temperature. This material is also made to be moisture resistant, so you won’t have to worry about encouraging mold growth. Insulating the walls also makes it easy to access the plumbing, wiring and ducts when you need to inspect them for problems or make repairs. 

Install a Dehumidifier

The ultimate way to regulate crawl space temperatures is to install a dehumidifier, which will prevent the air from getting too hot or too cold. It will also remove moisture from the air and prevent mold growth. Energy efficient models rely on a thermostat that triggers the appliance when the air reaches a certain temperature. This ensures that energy isn’t being wasted by unnecessarily running the dehumidifier. 

Finding the right dehumidifier model will depend on the size of your crawl space and what kind of weather conditions you experience in your area of the country. Be sure to do your research so that you find the best solution for your home. 

The experts at Pest Management Systems Inc. specialize in creating fully insulated and efficient crawl spaces that block out pests and moisture. We can help you improve your crawl space and make your entire home more energy efficient. From the Triad to the Sand Hills, we service homes throughout North Carolina. Call today to get started. 

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