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6 Winter Pests and How to Protect Your Home

A home is supposed to be your safe place where you can relax and put your worries away for a while. Nothing ruins that peace and tranquility quicker than seeing an unwanted pest in your personal space.

With so many different types of pests moving around the country, it’s almost impossible for a house to avoid these visitors altogether. That’s why so many turn to pest control services to protect their homes. But many homeowners focus on the summer months and completely disregard all of the winter pests they can experience.

Winter can sometimes be an even worse time for pests because they’re looking for a warm place to live. It’s important to know what types of winter pests will be around and how to get rid of those pests. Read this guide to get all the information you need to be prepared!

1. Mice and Rats

Some of the most feared common winter pests to have entered your home are mice and rats. Everyone knows how dirty they are and that they carry all kinds of bacteria or diseases with them. It’s an immediate feeling of disgust when you see signs of these intruders around your home.

While they come around at all times of the year, you may be more likely to see them in the winter as they have a harder time finding food during this time.

It’s important that your home get a thorough inspection after a sighting to make sure every rodent is removed from the scene. This will hopefully help you find the entrance point as well. Once that is sealed up, you can feel much better that you won’t continue to have the issue.

Mice Are Winter Pests

2. Other Rodents

Unfortunately, rats and mice aren’t the only types of rodents that homeowners may have to deal with through the winter. Other winter pests will be experiencing the same lack of food options and the need for a warm place to stay.

Sometimes this will lead larger rodents like squirrels, raccoons, or opossums to force their way indoors for a safe place to be. These animals pose quite a larger threat because of their size and ability to cause damage quickly. The best thing you can do is call your pest control service to get them handled as quickly as possible.

The procedures for removal are fairly similar to the smaller mice or rats, speed being the most important aspect!

3. Spiders

Spiders are much less destructive winter pests but generally come in much higher numbers than rodents do. It seems like once you see one or two, you see hundreds! For many people, they are much less frightening than other pests even if they won’t do much harm to you or your home.

Though it is important to keep an eye out for poisonous varieties, like black widows or brown recluses, as they tend to move inside more during those winter months.

An investigation around your property will help locate any webs or egg sacks so they can be eliminated before the problem spreads. For these pests, it’s a good idea to have regular treatments done a couple of times of year to prevent them from ever getting in.

Spiders Come Inside in the Winter

4. Silverfish

The issue with having winter pests in your home is they often go unnoticed and undetected until there are too many of them to handle quickly. This is definitely the case with the silverfish.

This bug is not as widely known or recognized because it usually hides out in dark, humid places. So you’ll find them most often in crawl spaces or attics, where you only go a few times a year. While silverfish aren’t particularly dangerous, they can cause damage to your home and even trigger an allergic reaction if there are enough of them.

A professional chemical treatment is the quickest way to stop the problem for easier removal.

5. Bed Bugs

There might not be a more intrusive pest than the bed bug that can truly be a thing of nightmares.

A bed bug infestation is so frustrating because they multiply in such high numbers and so quickly. But they are so small, it’s almost impossible to detect them until it’s too late. The main sign you have an issue is skin rashes and irritations caused by them biting you to feed on your blood at night. There’s really nothing worse.

Since they are so hard to see and can fit in so many tiny places, a professional treatment is the best way to ensure you get the whole problem sorted out. A pest control team knows exactly where to look for these winter pests and will fish out all their hiding spots.

6. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are another pest that gives homeowners the heebie-jeebies. Not only do they look menacing with their spiky legs and long antennae, but they can also bring all kinds of bacteria with them for more problems.

As the days get colder, these bugs start looking for more shelter and food options which brings them inside homes more often. Generally, if you see one there are more close behind. Especially when there is an abundant food source, like in your pantry. Since they move so quickly, it can be difficult to catch them.

A pest control professional understands exactly how important swift action is in these cases and will get your home cleared in no time.

Cockroaches Come Indoors in the Winter

Best Practices for Protecting Against Winter Pests

The colder months are the best times to settle into your home and enjoy the cozy atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to create. Winter pests will undoubtedly ruin those feelings, making it difficult to want to spend time there. It’s important to take all the steps necessary to try to avoid these issues altogether.

Working with our professional pest control teams will allow you to create solid plans that will both clear out an infestation of winter pests and prevent future ones from happening at all. That way you can feel peace of mind all through the colder months.

While these steps will help reduce the likelihood of winter pests invading your home, there is no guaranteed way to eliminate all risks. If you’re ready to minimize your risk, contact us today!

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