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5 Ways To Protect Your Home from Pests during the Spring

The end of winter is within sight and that means that all the pests that have been hibernating over the past few months are getting ready to emerge and start breeding. Now is the time to take some steps to protect your home from the onslaught of pests that is right around the corner. Follow these simple tips to prepare your home and make sure that pests are kept at bay.

1. Remove Food and Water Sources

Pests are going to need nutrients to get out of their hibernation mode and ramp up productivity. The last thing you want is to encourage them to visit your house and yard by leaving out water and food sources. Be sure to get rid of any standing water that may have accumulated, do some spring cleaning in the house and make sure that any pet food or other food sources aren’t left sitting outside.

2. Get Rid of Spider Webs

It is easy to lose sight of spider webs that can collect in the corners or along the seam where the walls and ceilings meet. Get out your vacuum and wand attachment and go through all your rooms to get rid of webs. Don’t forget to look behind bookshelves, appliances and other hard to reach areas.

3. Prune Trees and Bushes

There should be at least a foot of space between your house and your trees and bushes. Otherwise, you are providing an easy access bridge for pests to enter your home. Take the time to do some pruning and ensure that is enough clearance in order to discourage pests from seeking out food in your home.

4. Seal all Cracks and Crevices

You can limit entry points for pests by making sure that there is plenty of caulk around windows and doors. Also, be sure to do a visual inspection of the home to identify any new cracks that may have been formed over the winter and seal these up.

5. Regularly Empty Garbage and Recycling Bins

Perhaps you have gotten lazy about emptying trash cans over the winter. Don’t let this habit continue into the spring. Regularly empty indoor bins and make sure that the trash makes it to the curb every week.

If you want to take stronger steps towards protecting your home from spring pests, call the experts at Pest Management, Inc. We can help you create a customized pest control strategy that includes regular visits so that you can keep pests in check throughout the year. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment.

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