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Merchant Grain Beetle

Anobiid and Lyctus species

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    What are Merchant Grain Beetles?

    These beetles are typically not found in grain products, but instead like to attack cereals, cake mixes, macaroni, cookies and chocolate. Merchant grain beetles are dark brown and have six saw-like teeth on each side of their bodies. They can grow to be one-eighth of an inch long and have very flat bodies.

    Pest Stats

    • Color: Brown
    • Legs: 6
    • Shape: Narrow oval
    • Size: 1/10
    • Antennae: Yes
    • Habits: The merchant grain beetle’s body shape allows it to crawl into packaging to eat, live and have babies.
    • Habitat: Merchant grain beetles are found in pantries or in food processing areas or warehouses.
    • Threats: Merchant grain beetles can infest stored food products and can contaminate food.

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    Merchant Grain Beetle Prevention

    To get rid of these beetles, discard infested packages. Clean spilled grain and food sources. If you have a beetle infestation contact PMi for expert service.


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