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How Are Bed Bugs Removed from Homes?

Bed bugs are one of the most persistent and resilient pests that can enter your home. They are attracted to humans because we provide a warm place and a food source, which can leave you covered in itchy bites. Fortunately, there are effective ways to remove bed bugs, protect your health and return your home to normal.

Where do Bed Bugs Live?

Part of the challenge of removing bed bugs is that they can lodge themselves virtually anywhere. While they tend to prefer dark places along mattress seams and bedding, they will also set up a home in night stands, headboards, clocks, clothing and basically anywhere they can fit. If there is a crack large enough to slide a credit card, then an adult bed bug can crawl in and begin to breed and lay eggs.

How do Bed Bugs Spread?

There is a misconception that bed bugs are attracted to dirty and messy areas. This simply isn’t true. An infestations of bed bugs has nothing to do with your level of cleanliness. Since bed bugs can’t fly or hop, they enter your home by attaching themselves to luggage, clothing or bedding. Once they reach their new destination, they crawl to find a place to hide and feast. They have even been known to crawl between hotel rooms. Your infestation could be the result of inadvertently picking up a pesky hitchhiker on your last vacation.

Why are Bed Bugs Difficult to Remove?

Homeowners will often try to save money by trying to exterminate bed bugs on their own. The problem is that bed bug eggs are often white or clear and about the size of a poppy seed, making them virtually impossible to detect with the naked eye. Even if you have removed all the visible bed bugs, the eggs may still be incubating and ready to hatch a whole new wave of adult bugs.

How to Remove Bed Bugs

Call an exterminator. This is a problem that requires professional help. Trying to remove bed bugs on your own could spread the infestation to other rooms and even neighboring apartments. You want to try to control the problem as much as possible and work with an exterminator to solve the problem without having to deal with multiple treatments.

Pesticides and bug bombs that claim to be able to exterminate bed bugs won’t get the job done. These products won’t get to the tiny eggs that are attached to all sorts of surfaces.

Effectively removing bed bugs requires heat. A professional exterminator will heat your rooms to a temperature of at least 120 degrees. This will not only kill the adult bed bugs, but also any eggs that have been laid. With the right approach to treatment, you won’t have to worry about paying for multiple visits from the exterminator or living with bed bugs any longer than necessary.

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