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Signs That Your Greensboro Home Might Have Termites

January 20th, 2015

termite infestation in raleigh ncThink you might have termites in your home? Termites are hard to see, but a colony of termites could cause a lot of damage!  Check your home for signs of termites, , especially if your home is primarily made of wood, or call PMi for a free inspection

Evidence of termites in Greensboro or elsewhere might include:

  • Sagging floors, walls or ceilings
  • Spots on floors, walls or ceilings that resemble water damage
  • Termite wings, which resemble fish scales, shedded throughout your home
  • Small piles of feces that look like pellets
  • Buckling wood
  • Swollen floors or ceilings
  • Visible mazes within walls of furniture
  • Scents similar to mildew or mold

Termite Extermination & Control in Greensboro, Winston-Salem & Surrounding Areas

Termites are common in warm, Southern climates, so it’s possible your home in Greensboro, Winston-Salem or High Point could experience a termite infestation. Give Pest Management Systems a call if you think your home has termites . We offer conventional termite treatment, as well as Termi-A-Bond Assurance Program and Sentricon Termite Control System. Reach us today at (336) 272-4400.

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