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    ​Raccoon control is a much-needed service when it comes to the protection and your family’s peace of mind. The professionals at PMi can administer solutions at your home to quickly deliver the results you would like to see.

    Our team of raccoon control experts has been preventing raccoon damage in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Fayetteville areas for over 35 years. When you call PMi to remove or exclude a raccoon, you are teaming up with the local experts equipped with the most effective tools available.

    Beyond causing noise in the middle of the night and making a mess of your garbage cans, raccoons can:

    • Cause significant damage to your home’s exterior, attic, or walls
    • Carry rabies, which poses a threat to family members or pets
    • Carry giardia, an infection carried in feces that contaminates water and food

    About Raccoons

    ​Typically, raccoons prefer to live in shaded areas close to a water source. However, urban sprawl has limited their habitat and created a food scarcity in some areas. This causes raccoons to come into closer contact with humans as they scavenge through garbage cans to find food. Unfortunately, raccoons can pose health risks to both humans and dogs, which is why you should call PMi Pest Management at the first sign that you have a raccoon in your home.

    While raccoons can carry and transmit rabies, it is unusual for them to attack. They are nocturnal, which means that they sleep during the day and hunt at night, which makes contact rare. In addition, they will do their best to avoid humans and are only known to attack when feeling threatened. Perhaps the biggest danger from raccoons can be found in their feces. Their dropping contain roundworm eggs, which are harmful to humans and the excrement can contaminate food and water sources. In addition, they can transmit canine distemper to family pets.

    Preventing Raccoons

    If raccoons are common in your area, there are some steps you can take to make your home less inviting to these animals. First, don’t leave pet food outside. Once they are done eating, bring bowls inside and don’t raccoons don’t come looking for the leftovers. Second, be sure to inspect your home and repair and close up any openings around attics, porches or other areas that provide an entry point for raccoons. Finally, find ways to secure the lid on your garbage cans and make it difficult for raccoons to gain access. Consider tying down the lid with a rubber strap or rope.

    Once a raccoon has made themselves your new roommate, it is time to contact PMi Pest Management so that you can protect your home and your family. Our team of highly trained and experienced raccoon control experts has been preventing raccoon damage in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Fayetteville areas for over 35 years. We are proud to offer fast response times, affordable pricing and excellent customer service. At PMi, we understand that having pests in your home can be stressful, which is why we work hard to make the scheduling and removal process as easy as possible on our customers.

    When you call PMi to remove or exclude a raccoon, you can feel confident that you are teaming up with the local experts equipped with the most effective tools available. Contact us today to get started.


    “I called Pest Management Systems, Inc. requesting information about pest services concerning a particular insect I was seeing in my rental property. The receptionist was very knowledgeable concerning the insect with regards to how they breed and their season for egg hatching. She also advised me of alternative approaches to handle the situation. I really appreciate the fact that Pest Management Systems, Inc. did not attempt to sell a service that probably would not have provided the results I wished (like other popular pest control companies in my area attempted to do). I will definitely consider Pest Management Systems, Inc. in the near future.”

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    The experts at PMi will provide you with a free estimate on raccoon control for your property, which includes professional advice on how to maintain a raccoon-free home for years to come.

    Though many homeowners attempt to use homemade raccoon traps or lethal methods of eliminating raccoons, we strongly advise against this method of raccoon treatment as it can be easy to contaminate unwanted areas or become dangerous. We will deploy a raccoon control professional, who will only use responsible, non-lethal raccoon traps. Trying to trap them on your own may lead to dangerous contact with the animal, some of whom carry disease.

    In addition to responsibly trapping the raccoon, PMi may propose:

    • Make any modifications to your home that may prevent raccoon habitation. This includes the sealing of gaps in siding or crawl space. We will find the animal’s method of entry and close it permanently.
    • Install caps over roof vents that are being used by raccoons to gain entry to your home.

    When you call PMi, you can rest assured that we will get to the bottom of your raccoon problem and exercise the necessary measures to end it quickly.

    Return your property to its pest-free self by giving a call to the raccoon control experts at PMi. You can get in touch with us by calling our Greensboro location at (336) 272-4400 or our Sandhills location at (910) 215-9700. You can also receive service by filling out a brief contact form.

    We proudly serve the Greensboro, Asheboro, Burlington, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, High Point, Pinehurst, Kernersville, and surrounding Piedmont area.


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