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Habitat Modification of Your Greensboro or Winston-Salem Property

iStock_000000503703SmallHabitat modification is the most proactive way that you, as a property owner, can limit your encounters with nuisance wildlife and prevent damage to your home or business. Habitat modification techniques can provide lasting and cost-effective relief from damage by limiting access to food, water or shelter. The professionals at PMi can help you take charge of your property’s wildlife management needs and suggest preventive measures in order to practice effective nuisance wildlife control.

Habitat Modification Tips From PMi

The wildlife management experts at PMi recommend home and business owners in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC take the following habitat modification measures to protect from nuisance wildlife:

  • Seal cracks and holes to prevent entrance of bats and rodents
  • Store seed and pet food in tightly-closed containers
  • Store firewood and building supplies above ground level
  • Pick up pet food and water bowls outside your home at night
  • Trim greenery around your home to prevent easy roof and attic access for squirrels and raccoons
  • Limit piles of yard debris, rocks and wood that attract rodents and, in turn, attract snakes
  • Secure trash bin lids with bungee cords to prevent unwelcome scavengers

Call PMi For Nuisance Wildlife Management

Just because your home and property are not easily accessible, doesn’t mean that nuisance wildlife won’t keep trying. Be vigilant in your habitat modification and call the wildlife experts at PMi at 336-272-4400 for all your wildlife management needs.

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