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Beaver Removal For Greensboro and Winston-Salem Properties

iStock_000013719638SmallMost calls received by PMi for beaver removal are from Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Pinehurst and High Point homeowners that border neighborhood lakes and streams. The largest rodent in North America, beavers are extremely territorial animals and have a relatively long life span in the wild. Beavers reside in aquatic environments and use their large, continually growing and sharp incisor teeth to gnaw on trees and sticks that they use to create their dams.

Beavers prefer certain trees in their diet — sweet gums, poplars and pines are favorites in the NC Piedmont area — but will also eat aquatic plants. Without proper beaver control, these rodents can also wreak havoc on local farmland, visiting corn and soybean fields where they cut the crops off at the ground level and drag them back to water.

Effective Beaver Control

The best way to deal with nuisance beaver populations is to utilize beaver trapping methods. Such beaver control is necessary to prevent tree destruction, as well as damming that can cause home flooding and other water damage. If you suspect or have identified beaver populations on your property, call the Greensboro and Winston-Salem wildlife control experts at PMi to assist with beaver removal and relocation.

Depend on PMi to Get Rid of Beavers on Your Property

In need of Winston-Salem or Greensboro beaver removal services? Give PMi a call at 336-272-4400 to take care of your wildlife management needs. We would be happy to answer questions about our Winston-Salem and Greensboro beaver removal methods and offer a free, no-obligation estimate for our services. Be sure to request an inspection by filling out our online form.

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