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    Rodent Control In the Triad

    Like termites, rodents are some of the most destructive creatures in the world. In addition to being known carriers of several harmful diseases, rodents can destroy valuable property quickly with their sharp incisors that they use to gnaw through wood, break into food, and bite predators. Call PMi today for rodent control treatment options for Mice and Rats .

    Don’t wait until it’s too late for rodent control to protect your home and property from the harmful effects of rodents and the spread of diseases. Pest Management Systems offers comprehensive rodent control methods to allow you to regain control over your home and its surrounding property.

    North Carolina Rodent Control
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    “He was polite, punctual, and respectful of my property. It is such a pleasure to enjoy the outdoors without mosquitoes buzzing around me constantly! I have never had this prvilege in the 25 years I've been in NC! We will be having the service again.”

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    Get Rid of Mice & Rats With PMi Rodent Control

    Signs of a Rodent Infestation

    Are you wondering if you need rodent control? Sometimes it can be hard to tell which type of rodent is causing problems without directly seeing them. While both are considered rodents, both mice and rats have different lifestyles and leave different clues behind.

    Rodent Control – Typical Signs of a Rat Infestation:

    1. Gnaw marks throughout the house
    2. Capsule-shaped droppings
    3. Footprints
    4. Greasy rub marks from oily fur found
    5. Damaged or rummaged-through food products
    6. Noises in an attic or house walls

    Rodent Control – Typical Signs of a Mouse Infestation:

    1. Gnaw marks: Gnaw marks may be either rough or smooth.
    2. Droppings: House mouse droppings may be either soft and moist or dried and hard. The droppings measure about 1/8-1/4 inch long. They are rod-shaped and pointed on the ends.
    3. Tracks: House mice leave 4-toed prints with their front feet and 5-toed prints with their hind feet.
    4. Rub marks: House mice often leave oily rub marks on walls along which they travel.
    5. Burrows: House mice burrow using nesting materials such as insulation.
    6. Runways: House mice usually use the same pathways. Active runways are sometimes visible, with rub marks, droppings, and footprints along with them.
    7. Odor: The odor of house mouse urine may become distinct if there is a large number of house mice in a particular area. House mice use their strong-smelling urine to communicate with one another.
    8. Damaged goods: Mice prefer seeds or cereals but will readily eat insects trapped on glue boards.
    9. Actual rodent: If you see a mouse scurrying across the kitchen floor, there is likely a family of mice hiding out of sight.


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