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    With more than 35 years experience in the pest control industry, Pest Management Systems understands that every pest infestation is different. Our professional pest technicians will create a tailored pest control program to meet your unique needs and effectively treat your pest problem. Our annual plans are a great way to keep your home free of ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, mice and more!

    Our Pest Protection Plans are designed to fit to your needs:

    TRi-Annual Pest Control:

    The PMi TRi-Annual pest control plan is a great, cost-effective alternative to quarterly pest control. This treatment is performed once every four months to keep your potential pest problems at bay. If you experience a recurrence at any time in between services, our pest control technicians will issue a retreatment (for pest covered under this agreement) at no additional charge.

    Single Treatments:

    PMi does offer single pest and wildlife treatments. While a year-around protection plan is recommended there are some instances where a one-time service is needed. We strive to ensure our clients have all of the options they need to guarantee a good experience. With this philosophy in mind, PMi offers a 30-day warranty with all of our single pest control treatments.

    Quarterly Pest Control:

    Our most popular pest control service. This treatment is performed once every three months. If you experience a recurrence at any time in between services, our pest control technicians will issue a retreatment (for pest covered under this agreement) at no additional charge.

    Customized Programs:

    Some pest infestations require a unique pest control solution. Our exterminators can design a customized pest program to effectively bring your pest control issue under control. We will also regularly monitor your pest situation until it reaches a point where we feel comfortable adjusting it to a quarterly treatment cycle.

    Home treatment options and products to fit your needs.


    • 0 - 1500
    • 1501 - 2500
    • 2501 - 3500
    • 3500+
    • Essential Pest Only Service Details

      • General Pest Control
      • Quarterly Service
      • Year Around Protection

      This plan provides year-round protection from covered pests with quarterly service intervals. Warranty services are provided for covered pests should the need arise.

      Full details, descriptions, and limitations are covered in the agreement.

      Covered Pests: House Ants, Spiders, Mice, Roaches, Crickets, Silverfish

      Minimum $50 initial fee based off of sq. footage.

      $28.33 /month*

      $30.00 /month*

      $33.00 /month*

    • Advantage Pest & Mosquito Service Details

      • Everything in Essential Plan
      • Seasonal Mosquito Protection
      • Mosquito Treatments April – October

      This plan includes our Essential Pest Protection Plan and adds Seasonal Mosquito Protection. This is by far our most popular home pest protection plans because of the added mosquito protection that we provide from April through October.

      Full details, descriptions, and limitations are covered in the agreement.

      Covered Pests: House Ants, Spiders, Mice, Roaches, Crickets, Silverfish

      Minimum $50 initial fee based off of sq. footage.

      $64.03 /month*

      $65.70 /month*

      $74.48 /month*

    • Premium Pest & Mosquito & Termite Details

      • Everything in Advantage Plan
      • Termite Protection with Sentricon
      • Total Home Pest Protection

      Our Premium Plan includes general pest protection; seasonal mosquito protection and you also get the same termite protection as the White House with the Sentricon System. Sentricon is one of the most widely used systems for termite elimination and prevention.

      Full details, descriptions, and limitations are covered in the agreement.

      Covered Pests: House Ants, Spiders, Mice, Roaches, Crickets, Silverfish

      Minimum of $500 Initial Fee with the Sentricon System

      $86.17 /month*

      $87.84 /month*

      As Low As

      $96.61 /month*

    • Custom Service Details:

      • Choose a single service
      • One-Time Issues
      • Pest, Bed Bug, Wildlife, or Termite Control
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    • “I enjoy working for PMi because of the family atmosphere, everyone here I consider family and we all have each other’s back. At the end of each day, I go home knowing we helped our customers on what can be a very stressful, frustrating day for them. I am grateful to work in a place which makes us grow to greater heights.”

      Kelly C.

    • “The reason I love not just my position in “bed bugs,” but the “pest field,” in general, period. Just as police, firefighters, and medical personnel are so important, I feel we are so important as well. We get out every day no matter the situation to give our clients a peace of mind, we help them solve their problems. If we do not do it who will… I have worked for a different pest control company in past and I must say hands down this have been the best company to work for. Everyone seems to be on page and a family no matter how new you are. They took time to properly train me, if I had questions it was answered and always been respectful… 🥳 woo PMI is the way to go 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽!”

      Rick H.

    • “I am proud to work for a company that focuses so much energy on taking care of customers and employees. PMi is family oriented and focuses on everyone’s values and strengths. We truly accomplish more working together which positively impacts the daily lives of not only our customers, but our employees as well. I’m grateful to have started a career at PMi three years ago.”

      Shelley Q.

    • “It’s hard not to sound cliché’ but PMi is my extended family. From the first day I stepped into the office I felt welcomed and more importantly I felt like people were being themselves which made me feel more comfortable in stepping into a big role. I have had things come up that have required special circumstances and Billy and Laurie have truly been a blessing to me and my family. The people I work with everyday are hardworking people which makes joking around a breeze because it never gets in the way of getting the job done. It also helps that a lot of the people I work with have kids the same age as I do; the kids love it when we get to do fun things (Pre-Pandemic) like our Myrtle Beach Trip, Swarm Games, Grasshopper Games and Winter Wonderlights and they get to see everyone. I think good companies have good leaders; good leaders attract good people. I cannot wait to see how we can continue to grow this company and continue to help people in our community.”

      AJ R.

    • “Having worked both in the field and now in the office I can honestly say that I love my job here! It is more like being with family all day than coworkers. Everyone takes pride in what they do, and we take care of our customers as a team. It makes a difference when you like going to work every day.”

      Tracy M.

    • “PMi is a great company to be a part of. It is family owned and they make you feel like you are part of the family. They will let you know how much they appreciate you and how hard you work. I could not have asked for a better company to work for. I am so glad that I am a part of the PMi family!”

      Joni M.

    • “I have been at PMi for over 18 years, and its just a great company to work for. I have never seen a company, or the owners of a company do for their employees the way that they have done for us. It is one big happy family! I love working here and I love talking to our customers!”

      Kathy L.

    • “A great place to work! With a flexible schedule most of the time. A great owner that would do anything for you if u need Help! I have been with PMI for over 30 years and I love working with the customers trying to fix their issues with insects and rodents and I love working on my own!”

      Thomas O.

    • “I love working for PMi because it’s all about family. Everyone genuinely cares about each other and we truly care about our customers. My job gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives and make a difference every day. Every day is different challenge, yet exciting!! It is ok for me not to know everything and If I don’t, all I have to do is ask!! I love my job and all of my co-workers 😊!”

      Sabrina M.



    PMi used the integrated pest management approach to pest control and we feel this is one of the most important elements of our service.

    What is IPM? The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) industry-standard concentrates on the inspection stage of the pest control process — including the identification of the species of insect, entry points, and food sources. Once this established, our pest control technicians can determine the corrective measures to resolve the problem. This enables our technicians to moderate the usage of pesticides which means a cleaner environment for everyone.

    By employing IPM, we can find and correct the problem at its root and therefore we are able to reduce the likelihood of its recurrence. The six basic steps of IPM are:

    1.           Inspecting the area
    2.           Identifying the pest problem
    3.           Selecting control methods (based on the size and type of pest problem)
    4.           Employing effective control measures
    5.           Applying pesticides judiciously
    6.           Evaluating effectiveness

    Specific Integrated Pest Management actions include:

    • Structural Repair & Maintenance: To exclude pests by replacing the screen with holes or adding door and garage stops, etc.
    • Behavioral Modification: Properly storing garbage, moving wood away from the house, etc.
    • Pesticide Targeting: To limit the application to only those areas that require treatment.


    At PMi, we know that no two households are the same, which means no two pest problems are the same. From our customer care team to our technicians, we have the knowledge, experience and empathy to make sure your pest problem is done right, and your experience is second to none.

    Call us at (336) 272-4400 or click here to sign up for a free pest estimate.

    You can also request an inspection online by filling out our online form.

    Pest Management Systems proudly serves Greensboro, Asheboro, Burlington, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, High Point, Pinehurst, Kernersville and the surrounding NC Piedmont area.


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