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Drainage Solutions for the Greensboro and Winston-Salem Areas

drainage_services-300x225To protect the structural integrity of your home, it is essential you install a proper drainage system to allow you to drain water out and away from its foundation. Since our founding in 1984, Pest Management Systems has been providing drainage services of both large and small to residential and commercial clients of Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC.

Some of the drainage services we provide are:

  • Sump pumps: Installing a sump pump can protect finished or unfinished areas of your Greensboro or Winston-Salem home or business. This type of drainage system is used to remove water out of a low-lying area (i.e., a basement or crawl space), where the installation of a gravity flowing drain is limited.
  • Positive Drains: This type of drain system is used to describe the condition in which the drainage is going in a downhill direction, away from the structure you are trying to protect from water damage.
  • French Drains: Also known as a “land drain” or “French ditch,” this type of drain is covered with gravel or rock to redirect surface or groundwater away from an area. French drains often have perforated hollow pipes along their bottom to allow vent water to seep down through the upper gravel or rock to prevent ground or surface water from penetrating or damaging building foundations.
  • Grading: Improper site grading can result in poor surface drainage, flooding along the basement wall, and foundation settlement among other things. To protect against such things, it is essential that you first establish a level base or specific slope in which to direct surface runoff.

Protect the structural integrity, foundation of your NC Piedmont home or business!

In addition to ensuring the structural integrity of your home and eliminating future foundation problems, proper drainage systems can protect against basement flooding and reduce water and moisture in crawl spaces.

For more information about our drainage services, contact us at 336-272-4400 or via email at Call now! 

Pest Management Systems proudly serves AsheboroBurlington, Winston-Salem, High Point, Pinehurst, Kernersville and the surrounding NC Piedmont area.