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Vapor Barriers that Control Crawl Space Moisture


A properly sealed crawl space uses a durable vapor barrier to control moisture and prevent costly structural damage. At Pest Management Systems, Inc., our team of experienced technicians install vapor barriers in homes and businesses throughout the greater Greensboro and Pinehurst, NC areas. Call us today to avoid the unnecessary expenses an unvented crawl space can bring.

To upgrade your unvented crawl space into a truly encapsulated crawl space, call PMi. Our many moisture control services prevent costly issues like:

  • Damage from termites and other insects.
  • Wood rot in structural beams.
  • Poor air quality.

Call (336) 272-4400 to speak to one of PMi’s moisture control experts today. When it comes to the integrity of your property’s structure, trust PMi, the ones you have depended on for over 30 years.

Greensboro Encapsulated Crawl Space Services


Greensboro’s residents rely on PMi for moisture control services because they know how important a sealed crawl space is. Once installed, vapor barriers not only prevent the damage caused by moisture, they can also help you save on energy costs. By utilizing the latest methods and technologies, our customers can rest easy knowing their crawl space is sealed and potentially-dangerous moisture is under control.

Think of your new encapsulated crawl space like the insulation for the rest of your home—it maintains stable conditions and helps regulate a comfortable temperature. A sealed crawl space attacks the two most common sources of excess moisture:

  1. Humidity from the air
  2. Poor drainage in the foundation or crawl space itself

Moisture Control & Crawl Space Service Areas


Whereas many homeowners with vented crawl spaces run into seasonal spikes in energy costs, an unvented crawl space assists in steady energy use. PMi uses the latest CrawlSpace Care® innovations to bring encapsulated crawl spaces to residents in:

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