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Greensboro Mosquito Control Services

Reclaim your outdoor space from mosquitos with Pest Management Systems of Greensboro. It seems like as soon as the weather turns warm and it is time to start enjoying your yard again, the mosquitos take over. Fortunately, with PMi’s highly effective mosquito management services, you can regain control and take full advantage of your outdoor living spaces.

At PMi, we don’t just repel mosquitos, we also focus on reducing mosquito larvae that develops in standing water. This allows us to prevent the larvae from reaching maturity and turning into pesky, biting adults that can cause itchy bumps and transmit diseases.

The PMi Approach to Mosquito Control

It is important to remember that mosquitos aren’t just annoying, they can also pose a danger to your family and pets. These insects can carry the West Nile virus, malaria, encephalitis, dengue and canine heartworm. That is why we work to create a protective barrier around your property while also reducing the number of mosquitos on site.

Our pest control technicians will treat your home and property with a residual adulticide that eliminates mosquitoes. Next, we will address breeding sites so that new larvae are not allowed to reach adulthood. This will significantly reduce the mosquito population at your home although there is no way to completely eradicate all mosquitoes. The PMi approach will help make you safer and more comfortable in your yard.

How Mosquitoes Develop

In Greensboro and surrounding areas, there are two main types of mosquitoes. The culex species lay their eggs on the surface of water while the aedes deposit their eggs in vegetation that grows close to water along the water line in other types of containers. That is why it is so important to avoid having any standing water on your property.

All species develop over a period of four life stages, growing from egg to larva to pupa and finally to an adult. The first three stages all require water. Depending on the species and weather conditions, an egg can become a fully formed adult in less than a week. Without the right treatment plan, your mosquito problem can quickly escalate.

Protect Your Greensboro Home from Mosquitoes

Solving your mosquito problem and enjoying a more comfortable outdoor living space is easier and more affordable than you might think. Call or fill out an online form to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation and take back your yard.

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Pest Management Systems also offers the TERMI-A-BOND® Termite Assurance Program and the Sentricon® Termite Control System. Additional information about our Termi-A-Bond termite protection plan is available in our downloadable brochure.

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