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Fast and Effective Ant Treatments for Your Home

Once you see a handful of ants in your Greensboro home, chances are there are more on the way. Ants are highly social pests that live in colonies and work together to find food and keep their queens happy. If they have honed in on your home as an ideal food source, you are in for a battle.

Fortunately, the experts at Pest Management Systems in Greensboro are well-versed in the various species of ants that are common to North Carolina and can quickly eradicate your problem. We will make recommendations for treatment based on the ant type and its behavior so that you don’t waste time and money on ineffective treatments and you can restore your home to normal.

Instead of simply treating the ants you can see, out pest management experts will trace the problem all the way back to the colony. By attacking the source of the infestation, we can destroy the entire colony and work to prevent further problems.

Rid Your Greensboro Home of Indoor and Outdoor Ants

Around Greensboro and other parts of North Carolina, it is common to see fire ant mounds in yards. Not only do these ants ruin your lawn, they also pack a powerful sting that can pose a serious health threat to anyone who is allergic.

Odorous ants are also indigenous to the area and present their own set of problems. These pest have a distinct and pungent odor that can ruin the smell of your home. They also have different scavenging behaviors, so a simple ant trap won’t do the job.

To rid your home and indoor and outdoor ants and protect your family, call the expert technicians at PMi.

We offer a variety of service plans to meet your needs. Our quarterly pest control program is popular because it provides a proactive way to avoid problems and receive regularly scheduled service. You can also schedule a one time treatment or we can work with you to create a fully customized plan to meet your needs.

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment and meeting the needs of clients, PMi also offers green pest management services. With the help of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and our use of environmentally-friendly products, we can provide you with safe and effective treatments.

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Pest Management Systems also offers the TERMI-A-BOND® Termite Assurance Program and the Sentricon® Termite Control System. Additional information about our Termi-A-Bond termite protection plan is available in our downloadable brochure.

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