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Greensboro, NC’s Top Choice for Commercial Mosquito Control

iStock_000001049144SmallAre you experiencing a mosquito problem outside your commercial building? Rely on Greensboro, NC’s top mosquito control experts: Pest Management Systems (PMi).

To get rid of the mosquitoes infesting the property surrounding your facility, PMi will do much more than just spray mosquito repellent. Our Greensboro mosquito control professionals focus instead on eliminating existing mosquito larvae as they develop in standing water. We manage them before they manage you, and become breeding, biting adults.

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Our Mosquito Extermination Process for Commercial Properties Across the Triad and Sandhills

When you work with our Greensboro pest control company, we will create a barrier of residual adulticide around your commercial property that will help reduce the number of mature mosquitoes. These mosquitoes can carry harmful bacterial diseases such as West Nile virus, encephalitis, dengue, malaria and canine heartworm. It is important to catch them as soon as possible to prevent the transmission of these diseases.

Mosquito season ranges from April to October. We treat areas of your commercial property that are most likely to harbor mosquitoes, which can include:

  • Bushes
  • Trees
  • Canopies
  • Standing water, including flower pots and swimming pools

At PMi, our mosquito treatments are intended to help reduce the number of mosquitoes infesting your property, but we can not guarantee that our Greensboro mosquito control treatment will completely eliminate all mosquitoes around your building. We consider our program a proactive approach to mosquito management, which is why we suggest ongoing mosquito treatments to help protect you and your employees.

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Pest Management Systems is proud to offer mosquito control services to businesses and commercial properties in Greensboro, AsheboroBurlington, Winston-Salem, High Point, Pinehurst, Kernersville and the surrounding NC Piedmont area.