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Termite Pre-Treatments for NC Piedmont Builders

termite_pretreatments_1-300x400As you may know, termite pre-treatments have become an essential part of the initial construction stages of new homes in North Carolina and beyond. In fact, the majority of new homes in the United States receive a pre-construction termite treatment prior to concrete being poured to protect against termite infestations.

At Pest Management Systems, we are very much in tune with the U.S. Construction Industry and as such offer Greensboro and Winston-Salem termite pre-treatment options to builders throughout the NC Piedmont area.

Proven, Effective Pre-Construction Termite Services

Why compromise on the quality of pre-treatment termite services you receive? Our Greensboro and Winston-Salem pest control technicians are termite experts with a proven background in the provision of preventive termite services in new homes.

Here are the three main types of termite pre-treatments we offer at PMi:

  1. Pour slab: This type of treatment is good for buildings that sit flat on the ground, typically on a concrete slab. After first measuring the area that is to be covered by the structure, our pest control technicians will apply a termiticide to the sub-floor before any concrete is poured.
  2. Crawl space foundation: This is for a suspended floor (often timber) that is built with a sub-floor air gap (ideally tall enough for a technician to crawl beneath the floor). In our treatment of the crawl space foundation, our pest control technicians apply the termiticide as close to the foundation wall as possible so as to create a barrier of sorts on both sides of the foundation.
  3. Basement foundation: Hollow concrete blocks have become very popular in regards to basement construction. However, they are also an ideal breeding ground for termites as the hollows they provide allow for easy access and water storage. This treatment method is similar to that of a crawl space foundation, only slightly more difficult to penetrate as extra drilling of masonry voids is typically required near the footer for ultimate permeability.

Give your Greensboro, Winston-Salem clients the termite protection they deserve!

Do yourself a favor and demand the competitively priced, high-quality termite services your clients are looking for. Call us at 336-272-4400 or via email us to arrange a free, no obligation estimate on your next pre-construction termite treatment application!

A member of the Greensboro Builders Association and Sponsor Club, Pest Management Systems proudly serves Greensboro, AsheboroBurlington, Winston-Salem, High Point, Pinehurst, Kernersville and the surrounding NC Piedmont area.