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Preventative Fungi Treatments for Greensboro and Winston-Salem Builders

preventative_mold_services_1-300x201Fungi is a growing concern for NC Piedmont homeowners and Greensboro and Winston-Salem builders alike. It is also a very common problem, often emerging during the construction process when the framework and materials are exposed to the elements.

Luckily, Pest Management Systems has a preventative fungi treatment option available that both reduces the likelihood of fungi exposure and liability, and provides ongoing fungi protection in new homes across North Carolina.

Comprehensive Fungi Protection

Our NC Piedmont pest control service offers you a choice of two preventative fungi treatments to help you reduce or completely eliminate fungi growth.

  1. Single Treatment: This service is typically administered as a one-time application in Greensboro and Winston-Salem crawl spaces, as this area of a home exhibits the highest risk for fungi development and growth.
  2. Whole House Treatment: If our single treatment is not enough, we also offer a comprehensive preventative fungi treatment option that offers fungi protection throughout the whole house.

Call today to customize your preventative fungi treatment plan!

Interested in learning more about our preventative fungi treatments? Contact us at 336-272-4400 to speak to one of our dedicated pest control technicians about the builder services we offer. PMi can offer customized services to fit your every fungi need!

A member of the Greensboro Builders Association and Sponsor Club, Pest Management Systems proudly serves Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Pinehurst, and the surrounding NC Piedmont area.