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Commercial Bed Bug Control & Treatment

Think that bed bugs can only bite in bed?Unfortunately, bed bugs can infest almost any areas they can reach–furniture, desks, walls, rugs, bedding, and more. If you can’t see them, that doesn’t mean they’re not around! To protect any and all places from bed bugs, consider Pest Management Systems’ commercial bed bug treatments. Hotels, motels, offices, and more–we can handle it. After all, we’ve been providing superior pest control treatments for more than 25 years and we’re eager to help you too!

Motel & Hotel Bed Bug Control

There are so many ways bed bugs can move. These “hitchhikers” are usually unknowingly transported via luggage, clothing, or other belongings when people travel. That’s why bed bugs are becoming such a widespread problem, particularly for hotels, motels, offices, and apartments, where people are constantly moving in and out. Additionally, bed bugs already living in a hotel or apartment building often travel between rooms in these buildings, utilizing walls and holes made for routing wires and pipes. As these bugs continue to move, it becomes increasingly important to treat them now. Call Pest Management Systems to stop bed bugs in their tracks!

Comprehensive Bed Bug Control

At Pest Management Systems, we pride ourselves on using highly effective and lasting pest treatments for commercial areas that rival many big names in the industry. We offer commercial bed bug control to use in any location, big or small, from the break room to the hotel room, we’ve got it covered. Our treatments and bed bug control products will not leave behind unsightly damage or residue and dry in a matter of minutes from the time it is initially applied to the treatment area. Choose Pest Management Systems for the best bed bug control in a variety of both residential and commercial settings.

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