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Vented vs Closed Crawl Space

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    Pest Management Systems, Inc. is an industry-leading installer of closed crawl spaces in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point and surrounding areas.

    If you’re a current homeowner, or, if you’re building a home, consider the following benefits of hiring PMi to install a closed crawl space for you:

    1. Saves Heating and Cooling Energy– This is one of the best benefits to installing a crawl space. This eco-friendly home addition consistently gives back to homeowners each month in the form of lower energy costs to cool and heat your home.
    2. Prevent Pest Infestation– Rodentstermites and other pests prefer dark, protected spaces with high moisture. By encapsulating your crawl space you take away the environment that pests love.
    3. Improves Indoor Air Quality– The air in your home actually comes from your crawlspace, so whatever is down there you and your family are likely breathing it in. Pest infestations and fungi can cause allergic reactions and the air quality in your home to drop. A closed crawlspace is a much cleaner and drier environment which means when you get a closed crawlspace system, you are likely to be breathing cleaner air.

    “I called Pest Management Systems, Inc. requesting information about pest services concerning a particular insect I was seeing in my rental property. The receptionist was very knowledgeable concerning the insect with regards to how they breed and their season for egg hatching. She also advised me of alternative approaches to handle the situation. I really appreciate the fact that Pest Management Systems, Inc. did not attempt to sell a service that probably would not have provided the results I wished (like other popular pest control companies in my area attempted to do). I will definitely consider Pest Management Systems, Inc. in the near future.”

    Harold, Verified Google Review


    ​Over the last few years, vented crawl spaces have fallen out of favor with home builders, and for good reason. Crawl space ventilation was once thought of as a great way to circulate air underneath the home, thus preventing air from stagnating and causing moisture to accumulate.

    While it’s true that vented crawl spaces do circulate air, they’ve also been found to contribute to higher energy costs, pest infestations, moisture and a serious degradation in indoor air quality. Fungi loves moisture, and fungi that sits under a home can get into the air supply, causing a series of health problems for inhabitants.

    Let Pest Management Systems, Inc. install a closed crawl space for you in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point or any surrounding area. Call us at (336) 272-4400 to speak with one of our experts!


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