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Summer’s Most Dangerous Pests

Just as you and your family are using the warm weather to get outside more, so are the local pests. While most insects are more annoying than anything else, there are some summer pests that you will want to be aware of and avoid. You may even want to take proactive measures or work with a pest management expert to help control or eliminate these pests. Keep reading to learn about summer’s most dangerous pests and how you can protect your family.


Did you know that mosquitoes are considered the most deadly animal on the planet? These insects can be as small as just three millimeters but they carry deadly diseases that can be transmitted to humans and animals. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about malaria and yellow fever in North Carolina, but that doesn’t mean that our local species of mosquitoes don’t pose a threat to your health. They can transmit the West Nile virus to humans and heartworm to pets.

To prevent bites, avoid being outdoors at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. Also, eliminate standing water in your yard. Mosquitoes need water to survive and breed, so cutting off this source can help you control the population. You may also want to invest in spray repellents and work with a professional to design a customized plan to help treat your yard.

Bees and Wasps

For some people, being stung by a bee or wasp causes temporary pain, but for those with allergies, a sting can be deadly. Most of the time, these insects will only become aggressive when their hive has been disturbed or they feel in danger. With backyard barbeques and guests running around your yard, it can be all too easy to accidentally aggravate a hive or nest.

To help prevent stings, wear shoes, especially when you are walking in the grass. This will protect you if you step on a single pest or a nest, which are sometimes located in the ground. It is also important to remove garbage, avoid wearing sweet scents and resist swatting at bees and wasps if they come near you.


Ticks are another pest that carries dangerous diseases that can be passed on to both humans and pets. Deer ticks are especially known for transmitting Lyme Disease, which can cause a range of symptoms and affect the heart and nervous system.

The best way to reduce ticks is to keep your lawn cut short and remove any weeds or woodpiles. Ticks love tall grass and will be more than happy to set up shop in an unruly yard. Bug repellents that contain DEET are also effective in reducing exposure to ticks, but you will still want to fully inspect your skin and clothing after being outdoors.

While you can’t completely eliminate summer pests, you can take steps to reduce their numbers and protect your family from exposure. If you want additional help preparing your yard for the summer and battling the area’s most dangerous pests, be sure to contact the experts at PMi Pest Management. We can help you create a customized plan to fit your yard and your needs.

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