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Summer Rodents: What to do if They Show up in Your Yard

If you have spent the spring months planting and preparing your lawn for a beautiful summer, nothing can be more frustrating than watching as voles, mice and other rodents wreak havoc on your hard work. These rodents love to devour bulbs, eat away at tree bark, nibble on plants and generally use your landscape as a buffet. Before you throw in the towel and surrender your yard to rodents, read these tips and find out exactly what to do when rodents show up in your yard.

Clean Up Your Yard

The easiest and most effective step you can take to discourage rodents from entering your yard is to make it less enticing. Rodents like to hide and nest in yard debris, compost and even dense ground cover. Be sure to keep your lawn mowed, get rid of any wood piles and regularly weed plants beds, especially those close to the house. The fewer hiding spots they have, the less likely they are to set up residence in your yard.

Remove any Food Debris

Most species of rodents are omnivores, which means that will be equally drawn to your plants and drippings from your grill or the smell of garbage. Make sure that outdoor garbage bins are regularly emptied and clean your grill and drip pan after use. You will also want to harvest any ripe fruits or vegetables you have growing as these will provide an attractive food source. Finally, if you leave food outside for pets, this may also be attracting rodents and you will want to find a new feeding routine.

Install Barriers and Fencing

If rodents are causing damage to trees and eating away at your summer vegetable gardens, you can discourage them by clearing plants and grass around the borders of these areas. Rodents tend to stay away from open spaces where they are more vulnerable to prey, so keeping vegetation low can be a deterrent. Installing ¼” mesh fencing around tree trunks and gardens can also help keep rodents from causing damage. 

Secure Buildings and Structures

The last thing you want is for rodents in your yard to find their way into your home, sheds and other outdoor structures. Take the time to repair and seal any cracks or openings in your buildings. Keep in mind that these animals are power chewers, so you will want to use strong and durable materials, such as metal and concrete. Denying rodents access to additional shelter can help control your outdoor problem and prevent them from becoming an indoor issue as the weather turns colder.

If you have taken all the necessary steps to deter and control rodents in your yard and you still aren’t happy with the results, PMi Pest Management Systems can help. We can use environmentally safe products to repel rodents and allow you to reclaim your yard and your home. Whether you need a single treatment or you want to set up a preventative program that includes regular visits, we can customize a plan to fit your needs. Contact us today to get started. 


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