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How to Prevent Ants from Coming into Your House this Spring?

The weather is getting warmer, which means that ants are becoming more active and beginning to search for new sources of food and water so that they can support and grow their colony. Your home may be their next target and you could have an infestation on your hands. To prevent ants from coming into your house this spring, follow these simple tips.

Seal off All Cracks

Take the time to inspect your home and pay special attention to cracks in walls and basements. Ants can crawl through the tiniest of crevices, so it is important to block off these entryways. Use a silicone sealant to repair any cracks.

Seal Around Other Openings

Spaces around pipes, HVAC units, and electrical outlets also provide entry points for ants. These gaps will also need to be properly sealed.

Keep Your House Clean

Remember that ants are looking for food and water sources. If you have a messy house and leave the dishes in the sink for days at a time, you are basically inviting the ants to come in for a feast. Be sure to wipe down counters, clean up spills and keep a tidy home.

Properly Store Food

Using airtight containers to store food can help prevent ants from entering the home. They won’t be able to reach the food, so they will go looking somewhere else for supplies.

Trim Back Bushes and Trees 

Often times, ants will use nearby trees and shrubs to crawl into the house. Keeping plants trimmed back away from the house can cut off bridges to your home and keep ants at bay.

There are steps you can take to prevent ants from entering your home this spring. If you want more advice or help dealing with other pests, call the experts at PMi Pest Management. We can work with you to set up a prevention and maintenance plan that will help keep your home pest-free throughout the year.

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