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Pests Vs. Pets: Pests That Threaten Your Outdoor Pets in Greensboro, NC

Are you worried about your family and pets interacting with troublesome pests? There are plenty of steps you can take as a pet owner in the Triad to reduce the chance of your pet having to deal with a pest problem.

How to Defend Your Pet Against Pests

Use Insect Treatment on Your Pet

Work with your vet to find a treatment to apply to your pet that helps prevent ticks, fleas and other insects, or kills the insect when it lands on your pet. Even so, check your pet for ticks often, especially during warmer months.

Pay Attention to Your Outdoor Pet

Check on your outdoor pet often if they tend to go into brush or woods. If your dog is barking at what seems like grass or a pile of rocks, check to see if they’re really barking at a snake.

Secure Pet Food

Keep pet food and treats sealed and secure so insects and wildlife aren’t attracted to where they are stored.

Have a Veterinarian’s Number Near By

In case of a spider bite, keep a vet’s number handy. The smaller the pet, the more likely they are to be affected by a venomous bite, so you may need to get your pet to an animal hospital quickly.

Call the Experts in Greensboro, NC Pest Control

Call Pest Management Systems to get rid of pests around your house that could put your outdoor pet in danger. We handle snakes, spiders, insects and more, and gladly provide our pest control services to Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point and surrounding areas. Contact us today by calling (336) 272-4400.

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