Facts About Mosquitoes, Wasps and Other Summer Pests
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Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes, Wasps and Other Summer Pests

You may think of mosquitoes, wasps and other bugs simply as pests who invade your outdoor living space. However, these creatures are more complex than you might think and serve important roles in the local ecosystem. Here are some interesting facts about common pests that you might not be aware of:

The Secret Love Life of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes beat their wings at a rate of 300-600 times per second. This is what creates that irritating buzzing sounds that usually sends humans slapping at the air around their heads. However, the buzzing sound is music to the ears of other mosquitoes. Both males and females listen for this sound as they are searching for mates and when two mosquitoes find one another, their buzzing actually synchronizes and they match each others wing speed.

Once mating has occurred, females need protein to help feed their eggs. That is why they start hunting down humans and sucking blood. Meanwhile, the male mosquitoes are able to live off the nectar of flowers and don’t bother humans.

Mosquitoes are Attracted to CO2

At some point, you have probably noticed that some people tend to attract mosquitoes more than others. People will claim that they get bit more because they are “sweeter,” but what mosquitoes actually look for when identifying prey is carbon dioxide. As you exhale, you release CO2, which signals to mosquitoes that a meal is near. From there, it won’t take long for them to hone in on their target.

Wasps are Aggressive

While honey bees tend to go about their business and leave people alone, wasps are more aggressive predators. They hunt down other pests and are known to eat flies, grasshoppers and aphids. In some ways, this can be helpful because it eliminates other pests that attack crops, but an infestation of wasps can be dangerous to humans. They aren’t afraid to sting and they can will sting you as many times as possible when they are given the chance.

Wasp Colonies Die off Every Year

The queens rule colonies and are responsible for building new colonies every year. During the fall, new queens are born and immediately go into hibernation. Once the weather turns cold, the rest of the worker bees die off. When spring comes, the hibernating queens emerge and go to work building their own nests. They begin the whole new life cycle process by laying eggs that will soon hatch into worker bees and from there the colony continues to grow and repeat this yearly process.

Cockroaches Have Survived for Millions of Years

The same thing that makes cockroaches so special also makes them nearly impossible to eradicate. These pests have managed to evolve and adapt to changing conditions over millions of years so that today, they are difficult to fend off. During the summer months, they can enter your home through the smallest cracks and head for any source of food or water. You can make your home less inviting by keeping your kitchen clean, keeping pet food up and away and getting rid of standing water.

While many summer pests are incredible creatures, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to turn your home into a pest sanctuary. For help responsibly controlling pests and creating more comfortable outdoor living space, contact the experts at PMi Pest Management. We can use environmentally friendly techniques and products to protect your home and your family.

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