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How to Keep Snakes Away from Your Yard and Home

In North Carolina, it is quite common to see snakes in yards throughout the state. However, this type of wildlife is typically considered a pest by homeowners who want to protect their children and pets. While you can’t completely prevent snakes from entering your yard, there are some simple steps you can take to discourage them from visiting.

Keep Your Grass Cut Short

Snakes like to hang out in tall brush and grass because it provides a great hiding place that makes them less visible to predators. Keeping your grass cut short will leave them exposed to danger and encourage them to find a safer location. Having short grass will also make it easier for you to spot and avoid snakes that do enter your yard.

Trim Shrubs and Trees

Make sure that you keep trees and shrubs trimmed up and away from the ground and the side of your house and roof. Not only will snakes hide in the cool shade under trees, they will also climb overgrown branches and use them to find a way into your house. Simply keeping shrubs away from the house can keep snakes away.

Don’t  Feed Your Pets Outside

Leftover bits of dog and cat food can attract rodents, which are a favorite food of snakes. If you are used to feeding your pets outside, it may be time to move their food indoors and eliminate the risk of attracting unwanted pests and snakes looking for their own meal.

Use Natural Repellent

Many snakes will be attracted to bodies of water, including pools. One way to repel snakes is to pour white vinegar around your pool patio area. Snakes will avoid absorbing the vinegar through their skin as they cross over this barrier and you won’t have to worry about using a chemical product that may pose a risk to pets and kids.

Remove Rocks and Woodpiles

Both woodpiles and large boulders provide perfect hiding spots for snakes where they can cool down and stay safe from predators. If your woodpile is close to the house, consider moving it to the edge of your yard. In addition, you may want to think before you add large landscaping boulders to your yard. You could be inviting snakes.

Install Perch Poles

Hawks and owls and the natural predators of snakes. Installing perch poles provides an elevated place for hawks and owls to land and scope out your yard. These predators will not only deter snakes, they may also catch a few and remove them from your yard. This is another natural and environmentally friendly way to keep snakes away from your yard and your home.

If you would like professional help dealing with an existing snake problem or you want more expert advice about how to protect your home from unwanted pests, call the team at PMi Pest Management Systems. We have decades of experience helping homeowners throughout North Carolina and we can go to work for you.

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