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How to Keep Beavers from Chewing My Trees?

Beavers are one of the largest rodents in the world and they have powerful teeth and jaws that they use to fell trees. They are able to shape their environment by using the downed trees to build dams and habitats. While they are remarkable creatures, you may not appreciate them taking down trees in and around your property. Learn more about how you can keep beavers from chewing your trees.

Install Protective Fencing

Natural repellents are often effective in controlling other types of rodents, but pest control experts have yet to find anything that successfully repels beavers. Because of this, the best way to protect your trees is by installing fencing. To project larger areas of landscaping, you can look for a woven wire mesh. Be sure that the fence is at least 3 feet tall and buried about 3 to 4 inches into the ground.

You can also wrap this same type of fencing around individual trees to prevent beavers from causing damage. Another option is to install electric fencing, but this may not be a good choice if you have pets and children who roam the area. 

Professional Removal

The safest and most humane way to remove a beaver from your property is with live trapping. A professional will be able to trap the beaver and make sure that it is released into a new habitat where it can thrive. Keep in mind that in many states, it is illegal to kill beavers. Any measures taken to remove a beaver must protect the health and safety of the animal. 

If you are tired of beavers destroying your trees and landscaping, call the pest control experts at PMi Pest Management. We can help you protect your yard and safely take care of your beaver problem. 

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